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Why Use A Custom Video Player?


custom video player

A custom video player – YourTubePlayer is just one of the handy tools that come with the SFM’s nifty Digital Business Lounge. Lets have a look at why would you need one? What it does and where you can your own custom video player for free.

First off the Digital Business is a suite of IM tools that come as part of an SFM membership and is also a standalone product. The idea is to provide a single place where marketers can host and manage multiple websites, access often used tools like the custom video player, simple lead capture and loads more.

All of this saves a lot of time and all of the tools and resources have been developed with ease and simplicity in mind. Comprehensive video tutorials cover everything that needs to be covered.

Stand Out from The Crowd 

If video marketing is going to be a part of your overall marketing strategy then using a custom video player is a very good idea. Having a presence on Youtube is of course a no-brainer but there are disadvantages too. There are lots of ways that viewers can be distracted from your messages on Youtube so it’s good to take control.

YourTubePlayer lets you customise, hide or modify the controls on your video. This means that you can stop viewers from stopping the video, set it up to auto play (great for landing pages or on websites) and even set start and stop points. You can stop related ads being shown at the end of the video and even disable the Youtube link if you so desire.

Change Your Style 


This custom video player also gives you a lot of styling possibilities. You can create borders, margins and titles in the colours of your choice and add descriptions with a choice of fonts and font colours. All of this means that you can tailor your videos very precisely for your purposes: To make them fit with the colours of a website, blog or landing page for example.

custom video player

In a place as competitive as Youtube it’s getting tricky to stand out from the crowd. We all have shorter and shorter attention spans for one thing and accessible technology is enabling people to create amazing videos. Giving yourself a slight edge by using a custom video player just makes sense.

All you need to do is to pop your yYoutube video link in the field, make all the changes you want and use the new embed code that is generated. Couldn’t be simpler! Get your free custom video player -YourTubePlayer by clicking on the link below.



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