Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator

Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator

Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator Review

Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator

Things are moving fast with SFM’s Digital Business Lounge. Whilst I was in Tenerife last week they were busy releasing a new addition to the system’s suite of digital marketing tools. The Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator is a really smart looking and as always, easy to use, graphics creation tool. I’ve been having a look and here is a review of the product.

Graphix Creator replaces a feature that was part of the SFM members back office resources before DBL was launched. It’s a far better tool. Like all the components in DBL it will be available as an inexpensive, standalone retail product shortly.

This tool allows anyone to create professional 3d graphics for things like ebook covers, landing page artwork and banners. There are a host of template designs already loaded. These will be added to over time and of course you are able to upload your own images too.

 Graphix Creator In Use 

The point being that unless you are a graphic designer, creating professional graphics for digital marketing can be both time consuming and expensive. As Stuart Ross mentions in his demo video for Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator, there are many better ways to use your time and resources.

The alternatives for creating graphics are to either try and do them yourself with Photoshop or similar or to outsource to Fiverr or Elance etc. Both of these are time consuming. If you are going to buy Photoshop its also expensive. In most cases when you need to produce a graphic you want it done quickly.

The Digital Business Lounge Graphix Creator provides all of the image styles you would ever need to use in your digital marketing. The designs include a wide range of book, magazine and CD covers, ipads, Imacs , Kindles … the list goes on. To use the interface you simply select an image from the included library or one of your own.

Save Time and Money With DBL Graphix Creator

Digital Business Lounge Graphix CreatorYou can then manipulate the image to fit the template, add graphics, text and effects until you are happy and that’s it. It’s quick, easy and produces extremely professional looking graphics in minutes. In the  demo Stuart Ross demonstrates how simple this system is. He creates a graphic from scratch in under 2 minutes.

That’s really all there is to it from a user point of view. As a retail product, a free 30 day trial is included. You can have a play around with system before buying. The bigger picture is how well this new addition integrates with all the other tools within Digital Business lounge. Combining it with Simple lead capture for example gives you an incredibly powerful front end marketing system.

The other aspect of this from an SFM member’s point of view is that it provided yet another exclusive, high value affiliate product to promote. For digital marketing consultants too this is a powerful addition to what can be offered to clients.

Check out the DBL’s Graphix Creator demo for yourself by clicking the banner below.

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By Dave Menzies
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