The Digital Experts Academy Elite

Digital Experts Academy Elite

The Digital Experts Academy Elite – Mind Blowing Value 

Digital Experts Academy EliteThe Digital Experts Academy Elite curriculum is going from strength to strength as the companies’ move from start up phase to growth phase. With the appointment of their General manager Eero Tunkelo last month, things are moving fast. In a short video to the membership from New York yesterday a rain dampened Stuart Ross covered a few updates.

In general the DEA and partner group Six Figure mentors are moving full steam ahead with their very big picture. For Digital Experts Academy Elite members in particular there have been a couple of very welcome additions to the training curriculum.

In a previous blog I covered the “Crush it with Youtube” content, which is now, available in it’s entirety to DEA Elite Gold affiliates. This is an amazing piece of work that’s really helping affiliates to make some serious progress in building their online businesses with Youtube In stream and In Display ads.

Also now available to all DEA Elite members is a revised and updated 21-part Facebook advertising course. Facebook supremos, Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime, deliver this video course.

Two New Big Additions To The Digital Experts Academy Elite Curriculum

Given that Youtube and Facebook advertising are currently the two hottest platforms for internet marketing, this is exciting stuff. SFM and Digital Experts Elite members are already seeing great results from both platforms already. Not surprising considering the expertise on offer here.

To my mind anyone who is serious about building a career and business online should be looking at Digital Experts Academy Elite Gold as a very smart investment. I thought that before the latest additions to the included education but now it really is a no-brainer.

This isn’t just a bunch of recorded videos with no follow through. Facebook groups and ongoing mastermind sessions accompany all the Digital Experts Academy Elite courses. With the Facebook and Youtube courses Stuart Ross himself is very active in the groups created for them. In line with the community based ethos of SFM and DEA it’s a case of all working together as the training is put into action.

Members and leaders alike share their marketing results, tactics and tweaks as things progress. This is very different from the traditional “teacher says do this” method of education. It’s much more suited to developing entrepreneurial thinking and practice – flying the plane as we build it – you might say.

 The DEA Elite 7 No-Brainers

Digital Experts Academy EliteThe 4 DE Elite levels really are self-contained. I mean you might be able to source everything here independently:

  1. Advanced digital marketing training
  2. multiple high value course on specific, cutting edge marketing strategies from some of the best in the world
  3. one to one mentoring, digital business systems and tools
  4. Website building and hosting.
  5. Landing page and Graphics Creators
  6. Professional Online Branding
  7. Unrivalled Income Potential

The list goes on, but to do that outside of Digital Experts Academy Elite would come at an eye watering cost. Honestly, I have to laugh when people say to me – “Yes it looks amazing but it’s not cheap is it?” Considering what you get that’s just a little silly really….

As the two companies SFM and DEA move into strategic growth then rapid growth in 2015 the future for their affiliates and partners looks very, very bright. The DEA Elite products will be going retail – available to anyone but with exclusive reseller rights for affiliates.

The DEA local business digital marketing consultant certification program is also coming soon for those that are less interested in direct sales online. The Digital Business Lounge suite of marketing tools is expanding, again as a retail product with exclusive reseller rights. A month never goes by without a new update that adds even more value to their proposition.

At present access to Digital Experts Academy Elite is via an application to join SFM first. That is set to change but for now you can evaluate all this by signing up for the complimentary SFM 7-day video series on the link below.

Digital Experts Academy Elite