Digital Experts Academy Live Events

Digital Experts Academy live events

Digital Experts Academy Live Events- More Dates, More Places

digital experts academy live events

Digital Experts Academy events are growing both in number and in geographic reach. On the members dashboard right now it’s possible to register for events in London, New Jersey, Melbourne and Las Vegas. Digital Experts Academy events and those of partner company – SFM – are held for various reasons. In this post I’ll have a look at them.

Starting with the dates (although there have been a number of events held already this year) we’ll start with this month. The first of the Digital Experts Academy events is the Platinum brand incubator workshop on August 12-14th in New Jersey. This 3- day event is then moving to London on 16th-18 September. It’s closely followed – in the same venue – by the Six Figure Mentors momentum day on the 19th. Momentum day Australia takes place on Nov 28th.

Digital Experts Academy Live Events- Plantinum

platThe Platinum brand incubator (In-Kub-Ator) is the brainchild of co-founder Jay Kubassek, normally takes place in Casa Kuba – his New Jersey mansion. Jay’s place has been converted to incorporate a cinema and various workshop areas especially for brand incubator and other Digital Experts Academy live events.

At this intense 3 day event, DEA Platinum members emerge with their unique online brand. The Kuba team of photographers, designers, copywriters and image consultants gather all the content for a professional website and complete set of matching social media profiles. It’s a done for you professional piece of online real estate.

Momentum days are held several times per year and have recently been held not just in London but in Australia and now the US. They’re just a great opportunity for members of SFM and DEA to meet and mingle with the founders and with each other.

They are refreshingly different from the run of the mill corporate shindigs you may be familiar with. Yes there are workshops, Q n A sessions and training but it’s the socialising and networking that keeps most members buzzing long after the event. This genuinely is a community business and Momentum days have been the start of many a business partnership, friendship and collaboration.

Digital Experts Academy Events – Gold

Digital Experts Academy live eventsThe third type of the Digital Experts Academy Live events is the 2 day Gold workshop. This year it’s on the 3rd and 5th of October but with a major change from previous years. This year the Gold workshop will take place in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas.

The Gold workshop event is included with DEA Gold membership. Along with the dedicated one to one coaching also included with this level of membership it represents incredible value for money. SFM and DEA partners Satori Prime host the workshop, which covers every aspect of modern digital marketing.

Some of the Digital expert academy live events are recorded and made available to members permanently as part of the training curriculum. All of them produce tons of social media content for those who cant attend. From my own experience they are an amazing mix of hard work, inspiration and fun.

Have a sneak peek at Digital Experts Academy Live events by clicking the image below.

digital experts academy live events