Digital Experts Academy Platinum Review

digital experts academy platinum review

Digital Experts Academy Platinum Review

digital experts academy platinum review

This Digital Experts Academy Platinum review is intended to provide an overview of what this level of membership has to offer. Until recently this has been delivered by online brand building expert Daniel Wagner. Now it is firmly in the hands of DEA co-founder Jay Kubassek.

After investing big bucks in copyrighting the name “InKubator”, Jay has fine-tuned the brand building process his way. As with all levels of DEA membership this brings things in line with his aim to offer value far beyond the asking price. The DEA platinum live workshop, services and ongoing support are now handled personally by Jay.

Before this Digital Experts Academy Platinum review gets under way you might want to read quick overview of the preceding levels. You can do that by reading my previous articles here. Members can decide whether to enter the DEA either at Platinum level or by working through the preceding Silver and Gold membership levels.

A Digital Experts Academy Platinum Review – The Aims and Content

A Digital Experts Academy Platinum Review is best started with a quote from the company that summarises it’s aim:

“Transition from a digital marketer to digital expert with the PLATINUM Membership. Learn how to identify your unique gifts and abilities, and with the help of DEA, create your own expert online brand identity.

Once positioned in the marketplace as a “digital expert”, your authority, credibility, and influence increases dramatically. This in turn increases your earning potential”.

Here is what is included with the DEA Platinum membership:

  • An Intensive, hands on, 2-day brand building workshop in London with Jay Kubassek. (Soon to be extended to venues in Australia and the USA)
  • A Custom built professional website and matching social media profiles
  • Done-for-you authority and personality profiles pages for your blog
  • Professional portrait reflecting and supporting your personal brand
  • Unique positioning statement (strap line)
  • Ongoing personal brand-building training and support.

The entire branding team is present during the workshop to collate all the materials used to produce the online branding “real estate”.

digital experts academy platinum review

Personal branding, no matter what your background or business happens to be is the cornerstone of your future business. To that end Jay and the DEA’s approach is to work closely with small groups of platinum members (maximum of 20 per workshop) So that best value is delivered.

The levels that precede Platinum within the DEA platform are aimed at transforming students and business partners from complete online newbie to profitable affiliate marketer. As such they are able to create profitable online businesses in any niche.

A DEA Platinum Review – Jay Kubassek

digital experts academy platinum review

Jay Kubassek (left) With Stuart Ross

It then moves students towards creating their own online products and services. Personal branding is the next logical step in this process. Jay Kubassek has been at the forefront of digital marketing training for over a decade. Many of his students have gone on to become hugely successful authority figures in the industry. So he knows a thing or two about the process.

What’s on offer here is a professionally packaged branding programme costing a fraction of what’s available on the open market. It’s the result of reverse engineering Jay’s’ massive success in the digital marketing industry.

There is simply nothing like it on the market especially as in itself it offers a highly profitable affiliate partnering income stream. To source similar services and expertise elsewhere would cost easily 10 times more on the open market and would not include a business partnership or the exclusive online community that all DEA members become part of.

To find out more about DEA and partner company Six Figure Mentors subscribe for their complimentary video information series on the link below.

By Dave Menzies

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