Digital Marketing Consultants – The New Plumbers

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Are Digital Marketing Consultants The New Plumbers?digital marketing consultantsWell maybe not literally – ask a squad of digital marketing consultants to install a new bathroom and they’d probably struggle – but it’s an interesting point. The point being that digital marketing consultancy is definitely becoming the new – in demand – trade for the modern age.

Digital marketing consultants will soon be as commonplace and as in demand as plumbers, electricians, engineers and doctors – to name but a few.

Jay Kubassek of the Digital Experts Academy in his January founders call for SFM and DEA members made this point last week. It’s the reason why DEA will be releasing their local digital marketing consultants accreditation programme later this year.

The DEA Silver programme already provides students with enough know how and training on digital marketing to build a new careers as  local business digital marketing consultants. Partner Company SFM provides the tools of the trade and the new DEA programme will provide graduates with bona fide certification of their skills.

Jay shared some interesting facts and figures to explain why he is confident that these are the skills most of us will need before long and into the next decade and beyond.

Digital Marketing Consultant – A New Trade For A New World 

digital marketing consultantsWe can all see that the digital revolution has already created far less need for labour intensive “human” jobs. Whereas this initially meant jobs that could be easily replaced by technology, it now means far more than that. It now includes jobs that can be replaced by our access to information online.

He quoted from research that suggests that by 2040 there will be as many as 50% fewer GP’s for example: The diagnosis, treatments and general information can be found online; Apps are being developed that can do a lot of the job and overall we have access to screeds of information on health, fitness and diet so we are becoming healthier.

He talked about a Japanese restaurant that has replaced the vast majority of it’s waiting, serving and even preparation staff with automation and yes – robots. Ok so that’s looking ahead somewhat – but not that far.

Already small businesses are clamouring for help with digital marketing – or are actually making a full transition to the digital economy. So it’s not really surprising that the people with the skills to provide that help can reasonably feel confident in a secure future as digital marketing consultants.

Open Doors For Digital Marketing Consultants 

digital marketing consultantsAcquiring digital marketing skills open a lot of doors. There’s the obvious attraction of being able to create a digital business around passions, interests and lifestyle choices but not everyone wants a business. Some people want to own a job – to be self employed trades people. That’s now possible as a jobbing digital marketing consultant.

As both Stuart Ross and Jay Kubasek constantly stress, this stuff is not being taught widely enough. There is a mismatch in supply and demand. That’s why they formed SFM and DEA. To firstly open eyes to the reality of our changing world and to provide the education for individuals and businesses to leverage the limitless potential these changes bring.

DEA local digital marketing expert certification is coming but at present their Elite Silver course already provides all of the foundational skills that will be included in it.

Whether you are interested in a career switch, an online business or want to take things to dizzying heights as a leader in this new economy SFM and DEA have the goods.

Find out more by starting with a free video series on the link below. You’ll meet the founders, and get some serious insights into the digital economy and how they can help you to thrive in it.

digital marketing consultants

By Dave Menzies