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Today I just wanted to continue from yesterday’s topic, which discussed using digital marketing to promote offline businesses. I explained how I had been talking with associates about a couple of new businesses that I will be promoting as an affiliate via digital marketing. I have now received all the info about one of them and have actually started a third, which I’m building around my personal passion – the guitar. Here’s what I have done so far.

One of yesterday’s conversations was around an energy saving product that a friend has been doing a lot of work on both online via his property website business and offline by getting a traditional sales team together. I’m interested in promoting this new product – an additive that can shave 20% off central heating bills.

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Since this company has now had all of the testing done to prove it works, have prepared all the marketing materials and set up affiliate marketing links etc, it’s good to go. I’m just waiting for my own samples to arrive so that I can test it myself – personal testimonials being hard to beat!

So in preparation I looked for and bought a suitable domain name – I was surprised at how easy it was to get a good one as this product looks like a sure fire winner so I would have thought a domain like – “companyname” (the one I bought) would have been snapped up pretty damn quick. It wasn’t.

My next move will be to set up a WordPress website – a very simple matter within my Digital Business Lounge back office where I can also re-host the domain name very easily alongside my other sites.  Then it’s just a case of adding content, marketing banners etc and beginning the process of promoting the site. I’ll also set up a Facebook page and separate Youtube Channel for that purpose.

Digital Marketing And The Digital Business Lounge

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All this is fairly easy to do within an affiliate marketing set up and it looks like this product will make some money without a lot of work – when it starts to show profit I’ll look to outsource things like content creation for it as to be honest it will be kind of boring! I can only get so excited about products like this after all. Not so with guitars.

It’s a similar process for the Guitar business. I used some of my own images and basic Photoshop skills to create banners for both a website and Facebook page. The FB page is done and I’ve added some content I’d prepared earlier. I got it up past the 30 likes needed to get a short URL for the page and started looking for affiliate marketing products to promote for commission. So far I have found a great company offering video guitar lessons and have partnered up with them. I have all the banners, text links and other promo materials good to go.

When I think how expensive, difficult and time consuming it would be to do this with the traditional, offline marketing approach – I would just not have done it! What I love about digital marketing is the speed at which you can be in business – pretty much ANY business. Of course you need to spend time learning the ropes and I have The Six Figure Mentors to thank for that. Not only for the training in all aspects of creating online income but for resources like The Digital Business Lounge which just makes organising everything a breeze.