Digital Marketing – Your Business Will Depend On It

digital marketing

Digital Marketing – Go Where The people Are

digital marketing

The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming no doubt about it. With a multitude of social media sites, each with an industry built around them, it’s hard for business owners to know where to start. The fact is though it needs to be done. It’s 2014, the world is digital. Your prospects and customers are looking for your goods and services online.

It really doesn’t need to be difficult though. If you start with the basic premise that you need to go where the people are – on the internet – and hook up with the right trainers and the right systems now, you can get put there.

My readers will know that I recommend the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy as the go to people for digital marketing training. Yes they offer a business opportunity but that’s just one of the options they offer.

Six Figure mentors Digital Marketing Options

For individuals looking to start an online business SFM and DEA provide a range of options. Depending on how far you want to go with that: There are various levels of lucrative affiliate membership for people looking for in demand, high profit products to promote through digital marketing. They provide all the tools, marketing materials and training you’ll ever need to do that.

If you see yourself as the next online “guru”, DEA can take you there with their Platinum branding workshops and Black level partnership options. But what if you already have a business and just want to learn how to effectively market that online?

As I mentioned in a previous blog, SFM caters for those business people in various ways. Their basic membership takes you through the process of setting up online sales funnels, list building and digital marketing. With the included Digital Business Lounge you have a suite of tools and training that can be applied to your existing business.

No Wants To Hear From You On The Phone Anymore

digital marketing

Online or digital marketing is really just a process. It incorporates websites, sales tools like landing pages and list building strategies. Basically these allow you to increase your exposure to a global marketplace in the places where they live these days – online. It beats the hell out of cold calling, banging the phones and knocking doors.

I watched a video yesterday by the kids who founded Clickbank (the world’s biggest affiliate marketplace) In it they quoted a statistic – over the next decade around 40% of traditional work will be automated. You can see this happening everywhere. Shops, banks, fasy food outlets…. Even telesales is increasingly automated with recorded messages rather than actual humans.

This is a result of the world becoming digital and now mobile. No point in fighting it, it’s here!

So whatever your aims and intentions may be there’s no harm in looking into the SFM and DEA’s offerings. They are at the cutting edge of digital marketing and have the goods no matter how you want to leverage the technology and thinking that fuels this new world we live in.

Get the SFM and DEA introductory video series and get a free list building for profit ebook by clicking through on the link below. It’s free, you won’t be hounded and it could well change your business and your life.

digital marketing


By Dave Menzies

digital marketing