Digital Skills Platform Pre-Released

Digital Skills Platform

The Digital Skills Platform – Revolutionary Learning 

Digital Skills Platform

I wrote recently about SFM and DEA’s partnership with Grovo to bring their Digital skills platform to the masses. I got an email from Stuart Ross the other day to say that SFM and DEA affiliates now have that platform in their back offices. Having logged in and signed up  it’s looking pretty cool it has to be said. Here’s a review of what I’ve seen so far.

First off the digital skills platform is based around micro learning. There are short video modules on every digital skill under the sun. The modules cover everything from the basics – using Google Chrome or setting up a Facebook page – to more advanced topics like Internet marketing.

Partnering with Grovo to provide all these short, focussed trainings is a landmark move for SFM and DEA.  They available to the affiliate and partner base for their own use. They will also shortly be available as reseller products/lead magnets in their own right – awesome news.

The number of these mini-training modules available to SFM and DEA members depends on their position within the programme. As an Elite Gold DEA affiliate I started with 67. A flurry of emails yesterday added a further 20 or so more. That’s far too many to detail individually!

Every Digital Skill Set You Could Ever Need

To summarise though, all bases are covered. There are modules on how to set up and use every social media platform currently in existence. Each starts with the basics and drills down into more advanced, marketing oriented modules. There are modules on blogging, advertising, selling on Amazon, using Skype and many, more.

Bringing the digital skills platform to the SFM and DEA through partnering with Grovo lines up perfectly with the company’s vision and long term business plan. Both companies have identified a huge shortfall in the digital skills that are fast becoming essential to everyone.

This includes the many people looking to completely transition to the digital economy. Its also perfect for employers looking to provide fast e-skills for their work force. It’s also for those looking to become digital educators and consultants in the coming years.

Longer term, SFM and DEA will be releasing digital marketing consultant certification courses. The digital skills platform is just the first step in this direction. There are other, as yet to be revealed strategic partnerships in the offing.

The Digital Skills Platform – Something For Everyone  

To quote the mission statement accompanying the digital skills platform release:

“We have developed a fresh set of curriculums and courses for our students. This is in alignment with our mission to empower our students with systems, tools, training and resources to create a digital life and our vision to become a viable option to higher education by the year 2025”.

Wow! Big plans and from what I’ve seen over the last 15 months, plans that SFM and DEA will absolutely accomplish.

Obviously digital education is a hot topic now and in the future. We simply can’t do without these skills. Organisations are slowly gearing up for this. Banks for example are employing digital skills helpers to help their customers adapt to the way they do business.

Grovo has a huge client base of organisations using their digital skills platform already. The beauty of this is that the sheer breadth of micro trainings available means the most appropriate ones can be provided to employees.

To have all this provided as part of an SFM/DEA membership at no extra cost is pretty amazing. It’s a great way to learn. Each module lasts no more than 90 seconds. This means you can work through them at your own pace and pick up where you left off.

Modular Learning

As I say, the digital skills platform is a partnership between SFM/DEA and Grovo. It’s the first of many in a very joined up, long-term plan. Whatever your needs for the digital world are:

  1. Starting an online business

2. Growing an existing business online

3. Increasing your career prospects

4. Becoming a digital consultant,

this is the place to be.

Learn more about the digital skills platform and SFM/DEA by subscribing for their introductory, free video series on the link below.

digital skills platform

By Dave Menzies