Facebook Niche Profits Review

Facebook Niche Profits Review

Satori Prime’s Facebook Niche Profits Review

Facebook Niche Profits ReviewIn a previous post I mentioned that I’m in the middle of an advanced Facebook marketing mastermind. Bundled with that course from Satori Prime is their Facebook Niche Profits course. It’s also available as a standalone product and is definitely worth you considering. Here then is my Facebook Niche Profits review.

Satori prime’s Facebook Niche Profits course is a modular course delivered by online video and supported with its own Facebook group.

Before starting this Facebook Niche Profits review there are a couple of things to bear in mind about Facebook. The Satori Prime Guys cover this brilliantly in this course. In fact they had to adapt parts of it mid stream as a result. I’ll talk about this at the end of the Facebook Niche profits review itself.

The Facebook Niche Profits Review – Content

The aim of the course is to teach you how to create very profitable Facebook pages, quickly in any Niche. If you have a niche in mind it shows you how to use the mass of information Facebook provides to see if there is actually a market for it on facebook. If you don’t have an interest or passion in mind the course is designed to teach you how to research profitable niches to go into.

Logically enough the first module cover how to set up great looking pages and ‘prime” them with the apps and features they need for success. As with each module, suggested resources are provided in the form of links and PDF’s.Facebook Niche Profits Review

The next module covers where to find products to promote on the page or pages you’ve set up. It covers various affiliate networks and how to join them and find products relevant to your chosen niche. The training then covers how to research the relevant keywords for that niche both within Facebook and externally.

Viral Strategies

Following these initial stages the modules go deeper into the strategies involved in Facebook marketing: Where to find viral content that will get shares, likes and leads fast; How to use Satori Prime’s tried and tested formula and what needs to be done on a daily basis to back this up and create massive momentum through social proof.

Note that up until now we haven’t spent a penny on paid advertising. Till this point the emphasis has been on building organic traffic to the new pages. Advertsing comes next.

Facebook provides an incredible amount of information on the demographics, interests, trends and habits of it’s vast worldwide membership. It’s advertising platform is very easy to use. The catch 22 with ease of use is that it can mean that it’s easy to lose money with badly researched advertising.

Facebook Niche Profits Review – Strategy 

Facebook Niche Profits ReviewThe remainder of the Facebook Niche Profits course covers: The mechanics, mindset and strategy of successful advertising; The importance of testing and tracking results on an ongoing basis.

If this all sounds complicated don’t panic. This course is very well thought out and easy to follow. The idea is that you understand and implement the content of each module before moving on to the next. Also you don’t do this alone. As part of a group doing the course you can brainstorm with other members and with Guy and Ilan of Satori Prime as you work through it.

That ends my Facebook Niche Profits review. I mentioned at the top that there a few things to bear in mind about Facebook. Here they are.

The first thing is that like everything on the Internet, Facebook is prone to change it’s terms and conditions, policies and architecture overnight. Often this happens without warning. For marketers using the platform this can and does present problems at times. What’s working on a Monday might not be on a Tuesday. What’s permitted on Wednesday might be considered spam on Thursday.

Things To Bear In Mind About Facebook Advertising

Facebook Niche Profits Review

It’s Facebook’s Ball !

The second is that Facebook’s members are Facebook’s customers – not yours. This extends to marketers even though they are paying to advertise. So even if like Satori Prime you are spending many hundreds of thousands on advertising, Facebook reserves the right to instantly put a stop to anything they feel is not in the interests of their membership.

What’s most impressive about Satori Prime for me is this: Despite these sudden changes having several times decimated their own business income, they have found ways to turn these dilemmas around. In fact they’ve turned them to their advantage. The course is updated in real time to show students how to do the same.

I think that if you want to learn something you need to go to the best. If you want to learn how extremely successful marketers generate multiple income streams on Facebook then these are definitely the guys to learn that from.

I hope you have found this Facebook Niche Profits review useful. If you’d like to learn more about it, meet Guy and Ilan and check out their other marketing, mindset and entrepreneurial courses click on the banner below.

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