Finding Your Place In The Digital Economy

Help With Finding Your Place In The Digital Economy 

finding your place in the digital economyFinding your place in the digital economy became the subject of my weekly chat via Skype with a friend and fellow digital marketer this morning. When we hooked up he was actually in his home from home (office from office really) his local Costa. He was Skyping from his Iphone there and although the connection on his end wasn’t great it made a novel change. Usually he’s at home when we talk.

This is just another example of the freedom the digital world provides and why finding your place in the digital economy became the basis for this week’s conversation. As a further example of that, I often wander around the house, ipad in hand on webinars with colleagues from the US. That still tickles me sometimes, though I’m used to it now  (If only we could sort out the time difference!)

Anyway, we broke the connection briefly while my mate made his way back home in search of a better connection. That done we continued our on going conversation. This has evolved over a year into us working out where exactly in this world of possibilities we want to position ourselves.

We’re both members, students and affiliates with SFM. Both from traditional work and business backgrounds we sometimes suffer from option paralysis as we try and help each other through the maze of options that has introduced us to.

Options Are A Good Thing!

finding your place in the digital economyOptions are a good thing. The SFM system and methodology certainly gives you a lot of them. You can be an affiliate marketer for anything you like – an almost limitless range of possibilities in itself. Armed with SFM’s comprehensive suite of marketing tools, you can be a digital marketing consultant – later this year they will be introducing a certification programme for members who want to go down that road.

You can of course be all of those things now and that’s where finding your place in the digital economy can be tricky. Having run a number of trad business in the past my friend sees how lacking in digital marketing nous many of the business sectors he’s experienced in are. He’s making in roads into that side of things.

Personal Freedom Rules

As someone whose always been more interested in personal freedom than a straight career, I can see how many people with the same outlook can find that freedom in the digital economy. SFM caters for both of these agendas – as does working in the digital economy in general. SFM just gives you the tool kit and the education. Finding your place in the digital economy to use them best is a different ballgame. That’s exciting but it can and should take time.

Today we came up with the conclusion that we are both suited to using our acquired digital skills and our exisiting skills in consultancy type roles. Digital handymen, High-end digital consultants – call it what you will.

As affiliates marketers you get to pick and choose what you promote and earn commission from. So you really are positioning yourself as a middleman and in a way that’s what consultancy is all about. If someone wants the benefit of your knowledge in a specific area you can either provide that as a stand-alone service or refer them to a suitable provider.

A Good Place To Start Finding Your Place In The Digital Economy

It’s very much like the “I know a man who does”, routine. Almost like having a menu of options you can offer. This kind of diversity is why SFM might not be the ideal option for everyone but there is probably something in their suite of stand-alone products that is. If not then there are lots of great digital marketing products out there – certainly enough to match to pretty much any specific need.

Finding your place in the digital economy then is a beautiful, if sometimes overwhelming thing. Rest assured though, if you are considering a move to the digital economy, there is no shortage of directions you can take.

Once you have the tools and the understanding of how things work in the digital business domain you can take your pick. You can be Teacher, consultant, specialist, entrepreneur or whatever mix of those suits you best.

When it comes to finding your place in the digital economy – or designing your personal spot in it, SFM have most of these bases covered so is a very good place to start. Meet them and learn more by registering for their free video series on the link below.

finding your place in the digital economy

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