Generation Z – The Digital Natives.

generation z

Generation Z – The Digital Natives.

generation zI heard the term Generation Z on the news last night and did a little research on it. I was familiar with generation X – both Billy Idol’s first punk rock band, and the book by Douglas Coupland, but generation z and it’s definition is new to me. There’s the usual vagueness about the exact age group of “the digital natives” but for arguments sakes it refers to people born in the mid to late nineties who are coming of age between now and 2020.

Whatever the exact dates are, generation z people have grown up with a level of now commonplace technology that seemed like science fiction to previous generations. Whilst this technical revolution began with gen x – the microsoft generation, generation Z are post revolution products. They are starting with a level of everyday technology that they take for granted.

For them home computing is old hat and the new evolution of mobile technology is just the starting point. As we progress toward 2020 and beyond, education and life in general will be near unrecognizable to those of us from the X and Y tribes. Generation Z is some 23 million strong and growing.

Generation Z – Who Are They and What do They Take for Granted? 

I’ll be hitting 50 this year so am sort of on the cusp between the baby boomer generation and generation x. That means that I was just in time and just young enough in the 80”s to have been at the start of the digital revolution and to have seen it become a big part of my life.

I’ve seen personal computers go from being unheard of to rare and then to commonplace. I’ve seen mobile phones go from being the size of house bricks to the tiny multi purpose personal computers they are now.

I’ve seen the Internet grow from a novelty to the basis of a new economy. Generation z people have grown up with Google (now a verb – to google) Apple, Amazon, Ebay and Facebook to name a few, as household names. They are packing more technology than was needed to put Armstrong on the moon and they use it like I used pen and paper.

generation z

Luckily for the rest of us it’s not to late to capitalise on all this. Generation z people take to the idea of working online like ducks to water. They see it as a no-brainer – a simple fact of life that now and in future most people will be using now commonplace technology to either generate full time incomes or as the main way to grow offline businesses.

Traditional education still has some way to go in terms of teaching the necessary skills for the modern age. It’s therefore down to the early adopters – the digital entrepreneurs to pass on their knowledge. The technology itself (by design)is user friendly to most but how to use it to build lifestyle businesses is not.

Two guys who just scraped into generation z founded the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. They have been making millions for over a decade by leveraging the advances in Internet technology and have been teaching others to do the same for much of that time.

To find out more about what they can offer you in terms of training and business opportunities in the new economy just click on the link below. This will offer you a series of free videos in which they explain all.

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Generation Z – The Digital Natives.

By Dave Menzies