Getting Your Blogs Read

getting your blogs read

Getting Your Blogs Read – Priceless Tips And Tools  


getting your blogs readGetting your blogs read is kind of important or there would be little point in writing them. Blogging is a long term strategy that requires consistency so it’s worth spending time making sure your blog content is good for your audience. There are lots of tips of the trade and tools that help get eyeballs on your stuff so lets have a look at some of those.

The guy who introduced me to the Six Figure Mentors is an expert on getting your blogs read. As an ex-lawyer he is very systematic in his approach. He went through it with me when I started blogging myself. His approach relied on both volume and of course quality content.

He would start with keyword research. He’d find keywords that were related to his offer – starting and running an internet home business – but which were not too competitive. His thinking was that if Google tells him that 20 million people were writing to the same keyword, it wasn’t worth his time to compete. Yet. He’d look for longer, less well-trodden keywords and “have a go” at those instead.

Getting Your Blogs Read – Keywords That Are “Worth A Shot At” 

Then he would write blogs packed full of value and syndicate them as far and wide as possible. This approach is aimed at ‘saturating” Google and other search engines with keyword based content. His results were good but did involve a volume of writing that most of us would baulk at: 5 blogs per day of around 1000 words each.

When I’m looking for keywords worth “having a go at” often as not his content will show in the first page of search results. If you like the sound of that approach but think the writing might be a chore you could always outsource it. Sites like Elance or Odesk provide a wealth of cost effective writing talent you can leverage.

If what you are promoting can earn big returns it’s worth the marginal cost of buying in blog content. As for keywords themselves the best place to start is with a simple Google search. Then you can look at Google’s Keyword planner (you’ll need an adwords account for that)

From keywords we can then look at SEO – search engine optimisation. With WordPress based blogs there are umpteen plugins that are superb for maximising the SEO power of your content and getting your blogs read more widely.

Yoast is one of the most popular free plugins for this. It works by giving you an SEO checklist, which gives you a score for your blog post. It looks at ease of reading, keyword frequency, heading tags, outbound links, images, meta

getting your blogs read

Screenshot from Yoast SEO

description and other SEO essentials. You can keep checking your score as you write and adjust/revise accordingly.

Strategies and tools can certainly help in getting your blogs read by more people. You have to bear in mind though that the content still has to be good. Its great to have your blog posts appear on page 1 of a Google search but bear in mind they still have to be worth reading. They still have to inspire a reader to take action.

As you can imagine there are further strategies and tools available on what action you should be trying to make your readers take. Should they go straight to an offer? Should they go to another blog post or video? Probably a mix of all of those is the best answer.

Getting Your Blogs Read – Resources That Work


Keyword Research:

Google search engine. Google & Keyword Planner. Other search engines are also worth checking out and have similar tools.


WordPress users can register with Networked blogs which will automatically post blogs to Facebook pages and Twitter. Google + and Linked in – share with public and/or groups within these platforms.


Yoast is extremely popular and very good but search SEO plugins and you’ll find plenty more.

Outsourcing content.

Odesk, Elance, Fiverr are the best known but again Google is your friend here.

Getting your blogs read is essential for the writers amongst us but blogging is only one of many options open to us in digital marketing.

Those interested in a comprehensive education on blogging, advertising and everything else related to internet marketing should check out the SFM and DEA’sfree video series on the link below.

getting your blogs read