How To Get More Customers Faster

how to get more customers

How To Get More Customers For Your Business

how to get more customersAnyone running their own business knows that the biggest problem they face is how to get more customers. In today’s tough economy that’s never been truer. Competition is fierce with more and more customers buying goods and services online. It’s crucially important for entrepreneurs and business owners to leverage this fact of life.

SFM have seen a huge rise in membership from existing business owners. They want to learn how to get more customers by leveraging the power of digital marketing. That’s a smart move but the trouble is that many don’t know where to start. They may have websites and some social media presence. That’s simply not enough in the fast changing world of the internet.

Buying goods, services, training and information online is now commonplace. Without a joined up digital marketing strategy more traditional businesses are inevitably going to close their doors. It’s recognised that around 40% of traditional jobs will disappear due to automation over the next decade. The world has changed.

Getting More Customers With DBL 

how to get more customersRecognising that their membership is increasingly made up of existing business owners SFM are developing a range of products that provide affordable, simple digital marketing products. Their Digital Business Lounge (DBL) suite of products provides a full digital marketing system for a low monthly subscription.

The process of digital marketing is not particularly complicated. The idea is to use your online real estate: Websites, and social media to promote your goods and services to a wider, more receptive audience. List building for example is key to this process. The Digital business Lounge system is built around that strategy.

The key components in a digital marketing strategy are landing pages, sales pages and email management systems. These enable you to gather contact details from visitors to your online real estate. You can then build relationships with them and turn them into customers. That’s how to get more customers in the modern world.

A Great Suite Of Tools

The Digital Business lounge from SFM provides highly professional, simple tools to build landing pages, sales pages, websites and graphics. They’ve been designed to demystify the process and make it quick and efficient. Full and ongoing training is provided for each element so it’s easy to get set up and running.

Of course these are just the nuts and bolts tools of the trade. Marketing itself whether on or offline is a bigger beast. If you already run a successful business you’re probably good at that already and just want to learn how to get more customers via marketing online.

SFM are industry leading digital marketing experts. They provide a massive range of training for those who want to really master digital marketing. Digital business lounge customers will also be introduced to that side of the business as they use the stand-alone products. Sometimes its not just about how to get more customers after all – it’s about getting the right customers.

How To Get More Customers From New Places

It’s important to remember that even with a traditional, bricks and mortar business, the internet provides huge possibility for creating additional revenue streams. Obviously you want to learn how to get more customers for your existing business but how about finding new customers in new online markets too?

Information is the biggest currency online and people want products that can be delivered digitally. Many business owners are learning how to get more customers by creating digital products and by promoting affiliate products alongside their own. Again SFM provides in depth training on this too.

Until recently, business owners have turned to consultants to show them how to get more customers with digital marketing. Whilst that’s still a viable option and a growing industry, the SFM and Digital Business lounge wants to enable entrepreneurs to tackle it themselves.

To give you an example: A monthly Digital Business Lounge subscription (or even just a single product subscription to Simple Lead capture) plus a monthly subscription to an auto-responder service like Aweber would cost around $50 per month.

That’s after a 30 day free trial by the way….

When you consider that this includes top-level ongoing training, that’s a bargain and a half! Business owners also have the option of affiliating with SFM and promoting these products for commission. By doing that they could very easily cover their own costs and turn them into profit centres – pretty amazing stuff.

I thoroughly recommend you look at Digital Business Lounge by clicking on the link below.

By Dave Menzies