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Learn Digital Marketing and Make The World Your Oyster

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The Quirky side of Dublin


Learn digital marketing and see the world they said – How does that work? Look at it this way.  Can there be anything better than spending a few days in a cool town with the one you love? The sun is shining; there is no agenda so you just let yourselves get lost in the ambience of the place. You stop when you want to, grab a coffee or a drink, maybe discover a brilliant place to have lunch or dinner in a pavement bar.

To me this is what the laptop lifestyle means. It’s certainly why I and many other people I know decided to learn digital marketing. On a recent 3 day visit to Dublin that’s exactly what my partner and I did. For her it was her first visit, for me a second but It was like finding the place all over again. In Dublin these days you could actually be anywhere in Europe but at the same time you are most definitely in Ireland.

Dublin has a enchanting mix of old and new. Laid back RnB music spills from the many Gastro pubs mingling with traditional Irish acoustic sounds as you wander along old cobbled streets. MacDonalds and Starbucks sit comfortably beside Bewleys tea rooms and O’Neils. It’s a place for the old and young and everyone is welcome.

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing If You Love to Travel

learn digital marketingSince my last visit over 15 years ago the city has just got cooler. As an internet marketer of a certain age, I love both the old traditional values and the possibilities of the new world and they both co-exist in this wonderful town perfectly. When you learn digital marketing and put it to use in this new economy the doors to places like this are opened. You can stay as long as you like and still take care of business.

Almost everywhere you go there is good free wifi to be had. Couple that with great surroundings, relaxed and friendly people and you have a perfect spot for a bit of the laptop lifestyle. It’s literally everywhere: On the buses, in the pubs, restaurants and coffee shops and the hotels and BnBs and for the most part its completely – no passwords required, free to use. This is ideal living – everyone is plugged in.

Even in the airport waiting for our homewards flight I was able to access free, fast wifi. There’s no free half an hour then start paying here. A great place to live and work in the modern world without having to sacrifice character for a sanitised, stark environment. It’s inspiring. No wonder that creativity seems to be everywhere.

Two Worlds Existing In Harmony 

learn digital marketingFor me this short trip is a snapshot of what working online means: Learn digital marketing and world is your oyster. The last time I was in Dublin the internet was still a novelty: Something that people resisted. Certainly back then few could have predicted how it would develop. Now however places like Dublin have opened their arms and minds to it. It hasn’t meant the end of an old familiar society, it has enabled growth, wealth and income. We are better for it.


This is what the digital entrepreneurs have realized. It’s the ethos behind movements like the SFM and DEA. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are in terms of where want to live. Dublin might not be your cup of guiness. You might prefer the ultra modern metropolis, that’s not the point. The point is that the digital economy is unobtrusive. It doesn’t need new buildings or factories. It’s a virtual world that can exist anywhere and it can be tapped into more or less anywhere. When you learn digital marketing and leverage it’s power to choose your lifestyle you discover real freedom of choice.

So whether you see yourself working on a balcony in Miami or in an organic gastro pub in a Dublin back street, it’s there waiting for you. To find out more about how you can leverage the digital world and learn digital marketing to create a perfect one for you click on the link below.



Learn Digital Marketing And The World Is Your Oyster

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By Dave Menzies

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