Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords

Long Tail vs Short tail Keywords

Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords For SEO

An understanding of long tail vs short tail keywords is a crucial part of the Internet entrepreneur’s arsenal. These keywords – the phrases typed into search engines – are the bread and butter of doing business online. They allow the search engines to match them to relevant products and services. If you get it right then your products and services will be ranked highly in this process.

The thing is, keyword phrases can be short tail – one or two words, or long tail – 3 or more words. So how can you decide which is best for you to target in your paid or unpaid marketing efforts? In the video below I explain some of the things to consider.


Long Tail vs Short tail Keywords

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Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords – The Targeting Angle

In a nutshell, your use of long tail vs short tail keywords will depend on what you are looking to achieve. Shorter keywords are used much more frequently but will typically not be very well targeted. Someone searching for “Tennis” for example could be doing so for a wide variety of reasons. If you sell tennis racquets this might seem tempting but only a small proportion of those searchers will be looking to buy one. On the other hand “buy tennis racquets” would probably be more fruitful.

The short tail keyword “tennis” might be worth including in a selection of tags in a blog post or a video. If you were running a pay per click ad campaign however the more targeted long tail keyword “buy tennis racquets” would be a much better option.

Millions Of Searches Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Its all about understanding your products, your market and your numbers at the end of the day. In keyword based paid advertising you really want to be as targeted as possible. In the video I look at a number of products and their keywords to highlight the use of long tail vs short tail keywords. By searching them in Google you can clearly see the pros and cons of both. Millions of searches isn’t always a good thing.