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Elite Masterminding With SFM  

mastermindingI’ve just been watching three extremely successful online business people masterminding. This was recorded for SFM Elite members. It featured that business’s co-founder, Stuart Ross and two of his senior affiliate partners. The mastermind covered the art and science of targeted marketing.

First off it’s worth remembering that these are serious business people. They have chosen the Internet as the place to do business after considerable experience in offline businesses. Although the lifestyle they now lead as a result of that decision might look unrealistic, it’s entirely viable in this day and age. These guys and many others have proven it.

That is one of the points covered in the masterminding session in fact. Most of the very successful SFM affiliates are targeting professionals. They aim for people in big corporate jobs or existing business owners. But are these people ready for “the laptop lifestyle” message?

Masterminds On Smart Marketing

mastermindingStuart Ross and his masterminding colleagues – a Swedish business partnership, don’t think so. There’s a lot of logic in that viewpoint. If you are a well-paid exec or are running a bricks and mortar business, you’ve probably worked very hard to get there. You’re probably putting in the hours and taking the stresses and strains of success on your shoulders.

You are probably going to be kind of cynical about adverts telling you how you can have that success and much more with only a few hours of work a day when you feel like it. You are probably going to be equally cynical about the notion of working from anywhere, having a lot of free time to spend on your interests and passions. Never mind making money as you sleep.

Yet that is the reality of doing business online for many mega-successful entrepreneurs. Don’t forget that they too were once in the same old boat (They call it the Titanic) . Somehow though the message reached them in the right way and they made the transition to the digital economy. That is an example of very good targeting.

On Target Masterminding

mastermindingIn other words if I were to say to you (through advertising on Facebook, Youtube, Google or A. N. Other ad platform) “Stop slaving away – Start an Online business. Spend more time golfing/sailing/travelling” replete with images of sun-drenched beaches, you’d probably laugh it off – right?

But if I were to say to you “Here is a way to increase your leadership skills. “Here’s how to generate more leads for your business”, you might actually find that a more attractive proposition. You might also be drawn to the possibility of masterminding with high-level business people.

And if I were to put that message in front of you at a place where I know you spend time – Success Magazine’s website,, Forbes, Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy videos …… you’d probably be more interested.

You would possibly look at some valuable information you would have ignored if it had been presented differently. The end result might eventually be the same – you working less, earning more, enjoying life and masterminding with new colleagues. We’d never have got you there by shoving that in your face!

As this was a masterminding call about marketing SFM it’s worth mentioning what they do. They provide leadership training, mentoring, advanced marketing and digital skills training and digital business systems. This can all be used in a myriad of ways from career development to creating online income streams. Lucrative Business partnerships are also an option.

Find out more and meet Stuart Ross by clicking on the image below.


By Dave Menzies | DM Online