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No Cost Marketing – Sometimes Lunch IS Free (So’s Dinner)

No Cost marketingNo cost marketing rules! Can anything be more satisfying than making something out of nothing? I guess I’m talking about creativity here but in a very broad sense. Not everyone has artistic creativity but all of us have the ability to learn how to use tools to create something. Builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters are all creating things from raw materials aren’t they?

It’s the same with entrepreneurs. They create business empires often starting with little more than an idea and that most powerful of all tools – the human brain.

Nowadays with the technology at our disposal we really don’t need much else. We have resources at our disposal that just weren’t there say 20 years ago. I’m constantly staggered by the sheer potential literally at our fingertips in the form of the internet. Here’s an example of how that can be used for no cost marketing.

A couple of weeks ago I recorded a video explaining how Internet affiliate marketing works. How it can be used by anyone to generate an income from anywhere they can connect a device to the internet.

Not a fancy, expensive video. I do have a great camera, some screen recording software and some basic video editing skills but that’s it. What I do have is access to and an affiliate partnership with, the SFM and DEA. They taught me how to do this. If you have the software and a camera then this is a great way to do no cost marketing.

In the video I spoke about the SFM and DEA’s digital marketing education and mentorship programme that taught me how to become an Internet entrepreneur. I added a link to an email-marketing programme that sends out their series of free videos explaining more about it to anyone that wants to learn more.

No Cost marketing With Organic Video

I didn’t spend any money promoting the video. I just used some basic SEO techniques. As I already had the camera and computer this was no cost marketing. I do have 120 or other videos and about the same number of subscribers on the channel which helps.

A few days later someone on the other side of the world – in a different time zone saw that video. He liked the way I presented the information and took action. Soon after that he applied to join the programme and then upgraded to a full membership.

At that point he got in touch with me with a few questions. He explained that he was truly excited by what he had seen and wanted to invest further in his education within the programme.

To cut a long story short he has now decided to invest in his and his family’s future to a very high level. He will be attending a 3 day personal branding course in New York where he will have a professional photo shoot done.

He will have professional authority website and matching social media profiles created and will shortly be hob-knobbing with the great and good in the online business world. He’ll get one to one mentoring and coaching and will be in the position to earn some of the highest commissions available in the industry.

Is that or is it that not amazing?

I should mention that this has earned me more money in a couple of days than I ever made in a month as a business development manager – from a video that I recorded on a computer in my spare bedroom. – no cost marketing at it’s best.

Free Marketing With High Ticket Affiliate Products 

More to the point I earned this simply by pointing someone to a life changing opportunity. That feels pretty good I can tell you. We chatted on Skype yesterday (he was in his car in Australia – I was in my Kitchen in Glasgow – that alone would have been science fiction not long ago ) and his excitement and enthusiasm was infectious.

Going back to the creativity thing. I am quite a creative person but in a random, unfocused kind of way. I do a bit of photography, a bit of writing and have been a semi-pro musician for many years. I’ve made a little money from all these things but until now not enough to rely on them for my income.

Learning how to use digital marketing to build an online home business has allowed me to put all of this to better use. More than that it’s meant that I can just be me. The business is me and I love using no cost marketing to build it.

This blog post is another example of no cost marketing – other than time.

The SFM and DEA’s mission is to make more individuals aware of what they can do for themselves and others in a digital economy that is here to stay. It’s just a case of learning the practical skills and mindset needed.

I started by watching the free SFM and DEA videos that my new team member watched and so can you.

Just click on the link below and submit your email address.


By Dave Menzies