Why Facebook Is The Passport To The Internet

the passport to the internet

Get your Passport to The Internet Stamped 

the passport to the internetOnly a few years ago, although it seems much longer now, Mark Zuckerberg stated that one of his aims for Facebook was for it to become the passport to the internet. He’s kind of achieved that aim in that we now access so much content by just signing in via our Facebook account. No more usernames and passwords.

Obviously Google and Twitter have since jumped on that bandwagon. That just further highlights the power that Facebook has become. It really is now the passport to the Internet for millions – it’s quite simply where people are.

Watching a video by Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori prime recently reminded me of just how far this platform has come. They shared some examples of this in the video. Before I share them with you ponder for a moment how social media started. Friends United? Friendster, Myspace, where are they now?

The example I’d like to share concerns the launch of the Audi TT RS in the US. While this car was popular in the UK and Europe, Facebook was the sole reason the company decided to launch it in the US. What happened in a nutshell is that Audi’s Facebook page was flooded by demands to bring it to the US.

The Passport To Consumer Power 

the passport to the internet

Guy Ferdman of Satori Prime

As Guy and Ilan point out this is the first time in history that consumers have had that power.

The reason being that it’s also the first time in history that manufacturers have had such an incredible way to engage with their consumers. They can poll them, launch surveys and glean huge amounts of information from them in a sociable, less corporate way.

Feedback from Facebook surveys comes through incredibly quickly too. In around 30 minutes, companies like Audi, Ford, and Coca Cola can have priceless market research data to analyse. At the same time they hugely increase brand awareness. With over a billion active users to date Facebook truly is the passport to the Internet in a very real sense.

Why Is Facebook The Passport to The Internet?

That’s why mastering Facebook for marketers of pretty much anything is so desirable. That’s pretty incredible when you consider that this is not E-commerce. Very few people actually buy directly from Facebook pages – it’s the passport to the Internet marketplace rather than directly to a sale.

You go to Facebook to research companies before you buy from them. You go to find out how they are rated, perceived and how much engagement they have, not to be sold to. We want the social proof before we buy anything these days and Facebook is the place where most of us go to find it: Around a third of everyone connected to the Internet is on Facebook.

Many companies who have realised the power of Facebook for their businesses now offer their support function on there too. They can answer tickets instantly and can also use the questions, problems and difficulties customers have to further build value.

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the passport to the internet