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Simple Lead Capture – A Business Godsend

Simple Lead captureSimple Lead Capture (SLC) from Digital Business Lounge is probably going to be the answer to a lot of business owners prayers. In short it’s a simple and inexpensive way to get the process of generating leads and sales online done. You can have a look at the Simple Lead Capture intro video right here or read for a summary of it’s key features and benefits.

As we all know a flow of red hot leads is the lifeblood of any business. As most of us also realise, the internet is the place to find for those leads and sales these days. But until now the process of building lead capture pages that not only generate leads but which are also key to the all important strategy of list building has been daunting.

Those slick looking web pages that feature videos and optin boxes can cost a fortune to have made . They can also take time and a lot of testing to get right. They are complicated beasts and traditionally you had to be a coding expert to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Simple Lead Capture – Bring It In-House 

simple lead captureSLC has done away with all of that and makes it a simple process that any business owner can leverage. In short you choose a high converting, mobile responsive theme, add your text, publish it and build your list.

There are a myriad of templates to choose from each of which is easily customisable. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can do this. That’s the level of simplicity that all of the Digital Business Lounge products aim for.

But designing a great lead capture page isn’t the end of the story. It also needs to provide a means to capture information like email addresses from interested visitors and add them to your list. Again within Simple Lead capture this is very easily done. Linking a landing page to most of the best-known auto responder systems is one click simple in fact.

linking landing pages to auto responders used to be kind of tedious. You’d need to create the form (for collecting info like email addresses) within the autoresponder, generate a code then copy across to the landing page builder. SLC does away with all that. Once you’ve built your page you just select your auto responder list from a drop down box and bingo – job done.

Other features in SLC worth mentioning are:

1.You can also create thank you pages – the page a new subscriber goes to after giving you their details.

  1. You can also create download pages – where a subscriber can download a pdf, ebook or other give away.
  2. You can host your Simple Lead capture pages on your own domain or with Digital Business Lounge.
  3.  Track all of your clicks, leads and conversions from within the programme.

Simple Lead Capture is available as a stand-alone product or as part of the Digital Business Lounge’s full suite of digital marketing tools. It does not include an auto responder but you can get Aweber or similar for around $9 per month for up to 1000 subscribers.

If you like to take a closer look and watch a demo of Simple Lead Capture – or even take a free, 30 day trial just click on the link below.

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By Dave Menzies