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successful internet marketing

 Successful Internet Marketing – Doing It Your Way 

successful internet marketingSuccessful internet marketing depends on a lot of things. There’s no rule book as such – no definitive right or wrong. In many ways that’s what makes it so exciting. It also depends on your own idea of what successful internet marketing means. As part of the SFM and DEA community I see lots of people going about it in lots of different ways. My own approach is to just be honest.

Successful internet marketing also depends on what you actually sell online. If it’s fast turnover, low price commodities you could argue that there’s less need to put yourself in the picture. You can rely on advertising and automation and treat it as a numbers game.

For higher value products and services though successful internet marketing is increasingly about the personal touch. It’s more about building a reputation and an online personality rather than making a quick buck. Not a fake online personality by the way – just your own.

Successful Internet Marketing – Why The Rush? 

To my mind the goal of creating a sustainable online business and all the lifestyle freedom that offers is worth taking the time to do properly. If you can put yourself in the position of being able to generate income from anywhere with just a few hours work per day – who cares how long it takes?

I’ve been with the SFM and DEA as an affiliate partner – building an online business by promoting their education and digital business systems – for 18 months. In that time, by following their training, and by being very frugal with my budget I’ve started to get some great results.

No I’m not yet making the kind of money their top affiliates are, but the money I am making – and the way it’s made is very satisfying.

successful internet marketingTo give a few examples. I’ve concentrated on blogging and creating videos to market my SFM and DEA business. I’ve done some paid advertising of course and am about to scale that up considerably but for the most part my sales have come from free strategies.

Yesterday for example I got a very nice email from a customer who had been introduced to the company by one of my videos. He said that he really related to my style of presenting the company and was looking at upgrading very soon.

Just Tell It Like It Is

After consistently putting out blogs and videos for 18 months, I now get that quite often. My style by the way is very straightforward. I just tell it like is. I’m not particularly outgoing and in my videos I simply explain what SFM is to me and what being a part of their business offers.

That to me is successful internet marketing. In the higher ticket sales side of internet business its more about quality than quantity. If someone joins the company after spending 10 minutes watching a video or reading a blog that tells them exactly what to expect from something I promote, I know they are a good customer. More importantly – the type of customer I want.

Quality Vs Quantity 

qWhen I get feedback from them I build the relationship further by offering my support. This helps me as much as it helps them. It helps me further identify my ideal customer. Then I can more accurately target that type of person with marketing that I do pay for.

This is very much the way to successful Internet marketing that is taught by SFM and DEA. Although the training, systems, tools and resources they provide to members are the same for everyone, the way it’s introduced is not.

Their system can be leveraged in different ways. If you have a good-sized budget to start with you can concentrate on researching your audience and start advertising – testing and fine tuning as you go. This is often a quicker route to successful internet marketing but it can be expensive.

Who It Suits

The beauty of the SFM and DEA approach to teaching successful internet marketing is that it suits all sorts of people. They teach the strategies, provide the marketing materials and do all of the application follow-ups and sales. Your job is to pick the strategies that suit you and let you present the opportunity from your point of view.

Learn more about successful internet marketing and online business building SFM and DEA style by clicking the link below. They’ll send you a free 7-day video course explaining what they do in detail and how they can help you build sustainable and profitable online income streams.

successful internet marketing

By Dave Menzies