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The Money Tap

The Money Tap And How To Turn It On 


The Money TapThe Money tap is quite a good way of looking at internet marketing. When you have the skills, systems and resources required, you really do have a virtual money tap. You can turn it on through advertising, blogging, video, social media and list building. Better still you can have many money taps as you can g=handle.

The money tap I’m talking about here isn’t something you can turn on and expect instant results – millions over night. It usually starts with a trickle, which builds into a gush over time. At the end of this post I’ll share a resource with you that can be used to create the money tap or taps for you.

First though lets have a closer look at how internet marketing can be likened to the money tap in our new digital world. Then we’ll look at how you can get one.

It’s safe to say I think, that we can all see how the internet has changed our world and our lives. We all buy much more online than ever before. We buy an increasingly wider variety of things too. We can do all our research into products, goods and services online. Then we can go ahead and buy whatever we want with out ever needing to visit a physical shop. Websites are our virtual shopping centres now.

Billions of us in almost every country in the world are looking for, finding and buying online. Across every time zone and at every hour of the day and night vast amounts of money is changing hands. That’s internet traffic. Like the water in our actual taps, it’s already there – we just need to know how to turn the money tap on.

7 Steps To The Money Tap 

The process is quite simple to understand.

The Money Tap1.You find products, and services that you can earn commission from (affiliate marketing) or you create your own.

2.You create websites to show and promote them on (virtual stores)

3.You advertise the products to the people that are already looking for them

4.You offer extra value to the people who have looked at but not bought anything (yet) by asking for an email address in return for extra value

5.You build relationships through list building that leads to future sales.

6.You use systems that largely automate the process

7.You rinse and repeat.

It is simple but not easy. You need to learn how to get in front of the right traffic for what you are selling. You need to learn to use the various advertising platforms. You need to lern how to blog, do video and social media (or where to outsource people to do it for you) . You need to learn how and where to research the online marketplace. You need to get better and better at it.

The Money Tap – How To Get One (Or Many)

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming – it can be. But if you get the right teachers, use the right systems and stick with it, it can be the most rewarding career in the world. You canturn on the money tap from anywhere in the world you can connect a laptop to the internet. The better you get at it =, the less time it takes, leaving you free to spend your time as you see fit.

If you wanted to learn how to be a plumber you’d need to learn from plumbers and invest in the right tools. If you want to learn how to turn the money tap that is internet marketing on you need the internet marketing equivalent.

That brings me to the resource I mentioned at the top. Everything I’ve discussed here is provided by the Six Figure Mentors and Digital experts Academy. The founders of this uniques organisation Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have been money tapping the internet and teaching thousands of others how to for several years.

Find out more about them today by clicking the link below and subscribing to their free 7 –day video series. You’ll never look back.

the money tap

By Dave Menzies