The Power Of Online Advertising

power of online advertising

Leveraging The Power Of Online Advertising

power of online advertisingThe power of online advertising was the subject of a broadcast I sent to my subscribers recently. I just wanted to expand on it a little because it really is mind-boggling when you actually grasp the potential of it. I’ll provide a link to a new video by SFM founder Stuart Ross at the end of the post. He’s built an impressive online empire by using the power of online advertising since discovering it back in 2007.

The main power of internet advertising lies in the sheer number of people it can reach. It’s hard to put an accurate number on this. But considering the number of people using the Internet across the world, it’s safe to use the word unimaginable.

Couple that with the number of online advertising platforms available and you probably get the picture. We have numerous search platforms like Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing etc. There’s banner advertising, blogging, article marketing and conceptual advertising on social media platforms.

The second real power of online advertising relates to the ability to target adverts with pinpoint accuracy. This means that we can put products, services and information in front of only the people who are actually looking for them. If you search for something online you leave footprints for others to follow.

Gone are days when advertising is all about persuading people that they need product X, Y or Z. Why bother when it’s so easy to get information on demographics, interests and a zillion other bits of information about a given target audience.

Ever Get The Feeling You’re Being Followed?

power of online advertisingBut it doesn’t stop there. When the power of online advertising is coupled with list building, broadcasting and retargeting strategies it’s truly awesome. Ever get the feeling that you’re being followed around the Internet? Maybe by something you were looking at during your tea break? That’s retargeting – the possibility to target ads at the same target audience across multiple platforms.

Before I started my online business would have thought this was all a bit “Big Brother Is watching You”.  Now I embrace it wholeheartedly. We’re all pretty grown up now.  If we don’t want something we don’t click it. If we don’t want any more information we can just unsubscribe.

The Power Of Online Advertising For Businesses And The Individual 

The fact is as business people the power of online advertising is impossible to ignore and we do so at our peril. If you can put adverts in front of millions of interested people in a matter of minutes you’d be crazy not to. You’d be the cave man who thought the wheel was a bad idea.

For people already in business with goods and services to sell, the power of online advertising provides huge opportunities for expansion. For individuals though it’s a revolution. It changes everything that’s gone before. It enables and empowers pretty much anyone to very quickly turn their backs on the traditional ways of making a living.

As I mentioned at the top, my own mentor Stuart Ross has released a new video where he presents this way better than I can. His and business partner Jay Kubassek’s education and online business platform provides businesses and individuals with everything they need to start leveraging the power of online advertising and digital marketing. Watch the video by clicking the link below.


By Dave Menzies