The Power Of Your Online Real Estate

online real estate

Your Online Real Estate – Working  24/7 – 365

online real estateI had planned to send a broadcast – a short message – to my subscribers today on the power of online real estate. When I woke up this morning and checked my emails I had several that by coincidence, seriously back up the points I wanted to make. Call it kismet, the universe working or coincidence; this is what makes running an online business so worthwhile for me.

My emails were from Stuart Ross. The first congratulating me on a new member application sale. The second congratulating me on that person having upgraded to full membership. The third was a long and heartfelt email from that very person.

What’s that got to do with online real estate? I’ll tell you. All of this was the result of the person in question seeing a video I recorded almost a year ago. That video – out there for as long as Youtube exists – is part of the online real estate I’m building.

That also includes, the hundred or so other videos I’ve created so far, my blog posts, websites articles and the lists I’m building which are central to my online businesses. My new SFM member is in Ohio, I’m in Glasgow so that connection and those sales happened at 2.45 am my time – when I was fast asleep.

Why Your Internet Presence (Online Real Estate) Is So Powerful 

online real estateThat is why online real estate – internet presence – is so powerful. The video she watched and that inspired her to take action has actually earned me dozens of leads and several new membership/sales since I uploaded it all those months ago. It was one of my first and technically not particularly good.

In it I simply explain why SFM is not a scam in detail. I introduce the video, talk a little about my own experiences online and then take the viewer through the SFM membership back office.

In the description there is an affiliate link to one of my SFM landing pages (a great piece of online real estate itself).

This video cost me nothing to make – I already had the camera, some free screen capture software and the video editing software that came with my Mac. I’m having a bad hair day and have a big spot on my nose! I used what I learned from SFM to do a little keyword optimisation on the video and I’ve spent a tiny amount of money sending some traffic to it.

The Property Market That Doesn’t Crash

The point is that it’s now out there 24/7, 365 and it’s had a lot of views. The thing about online real estate is that the longer it’s out there and the more views and comments it gets, the higher it ranks. So you just keep doing it. You make more good, helpful, honest content and put it out there. This blog is a piece of online real estate.

To go back to the long email my new SFM member sent me. In it she tells me about herself and her 11 year journey trying to make a living online. Not to buy fancy cars, houses or to retire early – of course that’s part of it – but to buy the time freedom she craves.

Time Freedom – The New Money 

online real estateIn this case it’s to make a better life for her long suffering family and to write. She’s just finished a book in fact. Her book is aimed at helping writers to market themselves. She also wants to create a platform for writers to help them build their authority and escape from the traditional struggle of a publishing contract.

This is exactly the type of person SFM was created for. It’s also the type of person I want to help and work with. The fact that my online real estate is attracting people of this calibre to my “tribe” is truly inspiring. Again this is what SFM is all about. It’s also why attraction marketing – just being honest – is by far the best way to build an online business that is a pleasure in all respects.

Profiting From Virtual Real Estate

I’d love to quote parts of my newest SFM member’s email – I’ve invited her to connect with me on Skype and if she gives me her permission I will do so in a future post.

For now though, if you would like to learn how SFM can help you achieve time and financial freedom to pursue the things you really want to do with your life by leveraging the internet – building your online real estate, you can.

Click on the image below and subscribe for the completely free series of training videos they offer. Like my new team member and hopefully soon to be friend, it might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

By Dave Menzies