The SFM And DEA Founders Call For November

SFM Founders call

The SFM And DEA Founders Call – Amazing Works In Progress… 

The SFM and DEA Founders call



Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the SFM and DEA founders call on Friday but caught the recording yesterday. This month Stuart and Jay took us through the updates he and his team have been working on behind the scenes and they are pretty staggering.

SFM and DEA’s intention is to always be providing tools, resources and training that are A. better than anything else out there and B. At a better price point. Everything they do is based on extensive research and feedback from their membership. The SFM founders call is a monthly update from co-founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

To that end there have been extensive improvements to their Digital Business Lounge product. This is a suite of digital marketing tools provided free to members but soon to be launched as retail products. The DBL was already good but the improvements Stuart took us through on the SFM and DEA founders call are incredible. Some are already in beta testing and others in the pipeline and due for release late 2014 and early 2015.

The SFM And DEA Founders Call – Awesome New Features And Products

The SFM and DEA Founders call


The DBL contains tools for creating lead capture landing pages, shortening urls, manipulating videos and building/hosting websites. The new updates just make everything much better – more flexible, easier to use, better looking and hugely easier to integrate with systems like Aweber.

The intention here is twofold. The first is to provide members with bleeding edge, ultra compliant and easy to use marketing tools. The second is to provide these tools for what’s proving to be a big market for SFM – that of existing business owners. This is very significant stuff in the new online business space…

As SFMs growing membership proves, their powerful mix of digital marketing training, self-development and leverage attracts a wide audience. Although that includes a very wide range of people they can be divided roughly into two main areas: Those who want to start an online, lifestyle business from scratch; Those who already run a traditional business or even an online MLM or Franchise business but who want to learn how to grow it in the digital world.

Taking Your Existing Business To The Next Level

The SFM and DEA Founders call

The second set realise that the Internet has changed everything but don’t know how to leverage it. Even if they are still passionate about that business they are tied to old style marketing concepts: Knocking doors, cold calling, hitting the phones and using hit or miss traditional advertising.

For this group the SFM and DEA founders call revealed some big plans. By going retail with DBL and building new training into it, business owners will basically have a full-blown digital marketing system they can use to take their business to a whole new level. More than that though they will be able to use this to build multiple online income streams.

One of the big problems a traditional business faces is being tied to a single income stream. A bad month or two can be disastrous in that business model so the ability to create additional income streams by leveraging the Internet has obvious benefits.

Cost Effective Digital Marketing For All

The SFM and DEA Founders call

It’s also obvious from watching Stuart on the SFM and DEA founders call webinar that all this is incredibly well thought out. For SFM and DEA members and business partners it opens up a whole new, vast market and equips them with more in demand products. These are retail, subscription products but resale rights are exclusive to members.

Retail customers will be provided not only with the tools, systems and training but with regular webinars and pathways into the SFM and DEA. Whether you are an existing business owner looking to capitalise on the “Digital Goldrush” or are looking to make a start with a sustainable, professional online business, these guys are at the top of the game. Every SFM founders call makes this very clear.

So there you have it. If you’d like to get updates on all that’s happening now and in the near future with SFM and DEA just hit the link below. I’ll send you their introductory video series and will also keep you in the loop with exciting updates over the next couple of months.

The SFM and DEA Founders call


By Dave Menzies

The SFM and DEA Founders call