Turn Your Passion Into Profit

turn your passion into profit

How to Turn Your passion Into Profit – And Fall In Love With It All Over Again !

turn your passion into profit



How nice would it be to turn your passion to profit? Another reason why people are turning to the digital life is that it affords them much more time to pursue hobbies and passions. There is also the possibility of turning those hobbies and passions into a business using digital marketing. As discussed in a previous blog, there are affiliate products out there to match any interest you may have. There is also likely to be a thirst for information and training on the subject of your choice.

If photography is your passion as an example, there are lots of ways you could monetize it and turn your passion into profit – even taking it to the level of providing your main income. You could sell your own work online of course and there are many companies that will store and promote your work. They do tend to take a hefty chunk of any sales but the advantage is that they can make it available in lots of different formats. It’s an easy way to make your work available as anything from large canvas wall art to mouse mats.

You could also build a website and a Facebook page to showcase your work and use digital marketing to drive traffic to it. Part of that could be a blog which you could also use to promote photographic affiliate products. So by setting up a number of income streams you can turn your passion into profit  and get the passion to pay for itself. In the case of photography it would also provide more opportunity to get out and about in those dawn and dusk golden hours where the best landscape shots are usually found.

Make Your passion pay For Itself – To Start With 

The point is that if photography is your thing there is no need to just think about being the next David Bailey. It’s a crowded market and extremely competitive but as discussed there is more than one way to turn your passion into profit and make it pay in the digital economy.

The other thing with passions is that they can be expensive. Photography is a good example of that. As you get better at taking photos you want better and better kit and that kit gets progressively more expensive. If you’re drawn to one particular field like wildlife then you need very good telephoto lenses. The better the lens the more expensive it tends to be. Of course that’s the same in for most things.

Another example of a passion that needs time and money is music. From experience it’s very difficult to find time for a day job when you’re constantly practicing, playing gigs, touring and writing music. It’s also quite difficult to become a rock star – there’s a lot of fairly stiff competition for that job. That’s why so many people give up on that particular dream. It’s the old catch 22 – very difficult to make it pay but a day job steals the time and creativity from you. If you turn your passion to profit however then its stops being a drain on your strained finances.

turn your passion into profit

Like photography, a passion for making music can also be a money pit. For one thing there is the quest for ever better instruments and equipment. For another there are loads of ongoing costs: Rehearsal rooms, recording studios, transport and accommodation to name a few. These days its quite difficult to actually get paid for playing original music but if you can turn your passion into profit in other ways that’s not a problem. You can afford to play for free to start building your following.

I remember planning organising and being on a support tour with my band at the same time as working on a financial roadshow with the day job. I suppose it was all quite exciting with hindsight but I would have loved to have been able to ditch the day job.

These are the kind of factors that cause many people to end up relegating once burning passions to the hobby level. It’s just too expensive and time consuming to continue. I’d argue that that is all changing however. We simply don’t have to rely on earning our keep in the old way if we choose not to. We can do it in ways that take far less time than a 9-5 job and we can make our passions central to our lives in the new economy.

Photography and music are just two examples. I chose them because they have always been mine.  Yours will be different but if they are costing time and money you might find that unless you can turn your passion into profit, the shine may well wear off. The SFM platform provides the mechanics and the training to help turn your passion into profit. You can quickly learn how to build websites, use social media, set up affiliate income streams and how to generate leads.

To learn more about their unique educational platform and proven business system and how it can help you turn your passion into profit click on the link below and sign up for their free 7-day video bootcamp.

turn your passion into profit

Turning Your Passion Into Profit 

Thanks for watching and reading. I look forward to sharing more and welcome any comments you may have.

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By Dave Menzies

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