Using Solo Ads To Grow Your Business

using solo ads

Using Solo Ads – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

using solo ads

Using solo ads to generate leads, sales and subscribers to your list is in theory an tempting proposition. It can be a cheaper option than many other forms of paid advertising for a start but can also be a quick way of blowing you budget. Here is an explanation of what are solo ads are and some pros and cons of using solo ads to grow your business.

Using solo ads is basically just paying someone an agreed sum to send an email to their list of subscribers: A list they advertise as containing prospects interested in whatever you are promoting. Sounds good and it can be. As with everything though it’s also a great way for unscrupulous people to make money from the unwary.

In an ideal world everyone selling these lists would be honest and lovely. Their lists would be full of hungry buyers just waiting for your email and your products. Like they all claim. Sadly that’s not always the case. In the Internet marketing space in particular using solo ads requires research and caution.

Using Solo Ads – What You DO Want 

using solo ads

If a solo ad seller has built their list properly by spending money on targeted advertising, using solo ads themselves and organic traffic, they could be a good bet. They’ve positioned themselves as a go-to person in their field and have built a good relationship and level of trust with their subscribers. When they recommend something they carry credibility. That’s a great, responsive list. It’s what everyone wants and why until they have their own they start using solo ads.

Using Solo Ads – What You DONT Wantusing solo ads

Very good, niche specific solo ad sellers are out there for sure but so are the others: The Dark side. These are sellers who use all sorts of tricks and incentives to create false clicks and sign ups for you.

Yes you usually get a lot of clicks and a lot of sign ups to your list but these can actually be from some pretty dodgy sources: Fictitious email addresses they’ve bought, people who are paid to click and sign up or just plain irrelevant, dated or randomly harvested emails. This hits you in the pocket two ways: First the ad itself and secondly if you use an email management system you usually pay higher fees the bigger your list is.


Using Solo Ads With UDIMI

One of my own subscribers told me about a fairly new solo ads source called UDIMI, which I like a lot. It’s more like a network of buyers and sellers and is very safe place for using solo ads. Buyers and sellers have profiles and can state what they’re looking for or offering. There is forum, a rating system and an excellent feedback system.

Whether you’re using solo ads for the first time or have been burned in the past but would like to be able to do your due diligence better this is a great idea. You can look at a sellers profile, the size and type of list they have and check the feedback they have. I’ve done some positive tests myself and its definitely been a good discovery. For a free guide to list building for profit check out the link below.


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using solo ads