Which Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Right for You?


One digital marketing strategy is all you need to start with. Sometimes as an online entrepreneur its easy to try and be a jack of all trades. There are so many aspects to digital marketing and most of them are appealing. The learning curve usually starts with an overview of all of them. But the best way to progress is to pick one digital marketing strategy or method of marketing and master it. Then you can tackle another.

As with any business the temptation is to get things moving fast. This is understandable from a cashflow point of view but in the long run it’s a short- sighted approach. With digital marketing things move fast and if you’re trying to keep up with this across many different platforms you simply won’t be able to. The result is that your results will be slower.

At the moment the hot property in online marketing is Facebook advertising. It’s reasonably cheap, easy by design (at first) and it provides marketers with a ton of targeting information. But it changes constantly. No sooner have you got the hang of one new feature than another comes along. If it’s your chosen digital marketing strategy then it needs your full attention.

You can’t just dabble and then move on to something else and expect to get the results that the big guys are getting. As I write this for example an email just dropped in from Jon Loomer – a well respected blogger who writes about advanced Facebook marketing. Guess what ? – Another new Facebook advertising feature. Another rabbit hole I could easily disappear down.

It’s the same with any digital marketing strategy you decide to pursue. You subscribe to experts, maybe take their courses and build your expertise. If you are doing with this with several marketing disciplines there is a huge danger of overwhelm which leads to distraction which leads to the busy fool syndrome which leads to lack of focus and lack of profits.

Pick One Digital Marketing Strategy and Stick With it 

digital marketing strategyWhilst the SFM digital marketing training system covers every digital marketing strategy, the advice to start with just one – at a push two – is at the heart of it. You are encouraged to consider which one or two will suit you best A. because you like them and B. Because they fit with how much of the two basic commodities, time and money, you have at your disposal.

Any form of paid advertising such as Facebook needs a budget. It can be modest at first but even with a platform as amazing as Facebook there is a lot of trial involved. That’s another reason for giving it your full attention of course.

If you have a lot of more time than money then your going to want to start with the free strategies like blogging and video marketing. I say free because it doesn’t cost anything to write or to shoot a video – presuming you have a camera of course. Both take time to do well though and neither will typically yield fast results.

Another possibility is to outsource some while you concentrate on the others. Again you’ll need a budget to do that. It’s surprisingly cheap to outsource good quality digital writers and even someone to look after all your social media stuff but it’s a constant cost on top of any paid advertising you are doing. Fortunately though it’s easy to track the results and make sure they are delivering.

If you are looking at learning more about digital marketing strategy either as a marketable skill set or to build an online business the SFM and DEA is where I would start. You can find out more about their combined modular training platform and turnkey business systems on the link below.

Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Right for You?

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By Dave Menzies