Why Time Freedom Is The New Money

time freedom

You’ve Earned More Time Freedom – Get It 

time freedom

If you Google “time freedom” and choose images, you’ll find more quotes and sayings than you can point a mouse at. I’ve sprinkled a few of them through this post. Because search engines will bring up anything with the words time and or freedom it’s a pretty varied selection. You can deduce from this that the idea of time freedom means different things to different people. For me it’s all about having freedom to choose what to do with your time.

Let’s face it we have a limited stock of time to spend, with the added Catch 22 that we don’t know how much – what fun. It’s a real shame then isn’t it that so many of us don’t really have much time freedom at all. In the traditional 9-5 lifestyle we have it doled out to us in little chunks according to someone else’s rules. The same rules are used to determine how much our time is worth.

Happy With Your Current Ration Of Time ?

time freedomHave a think about this for a minute. Angry? You’d be right to be but you’re probably thinking “What choice do I have?” That might have been a reasonable question some years ago, in the days before the internet changed everything, but it’s a pretty lame one now. There are lots of viable choices now.

In the UK we are a little bit behind the times here compared to the states – especially when it comes to doing business online. There have been Internet millionaires in the states for many years now. It’s commonplace: Just another way of making a good living.

Here we are still focussed on the “It must be a scam” if it doesn’t involve at least 45 hours a week of hard labour.  If it’s to do with the internet it really MUST be a scam! Maybe that’s because we don’t value time freedom as much as our European neighbours or the folks across the pond. Maybe it’s a deeper rooted notion about work ethics.

To be fair there have been and probably still are plenty of online scams over the years. Those were/are the result of the myth created by scammers (we have them offline too) that it’s possible to make a million bucks overnight through some kind of internet secret. They use images of happy, healthy people lounging on idyllic beaches, the Ferrari parked in the background. The truth is that a lot of successful internet marketers do have that lifestyle but they’ve worked damn hard to get it.

Time Freedom Home Truths 

time freedomWeirdly, no-one declares that ALL businesses are scams whenever a dodgy one is uncovered. Dare I mention Banks…. But whenever an online baddy turns up it’s – “See! Told You!”

The focus has been less on the idea of time freedom than that of quick, massive riches. Massive riches are possible with an online business as they are with an offline one. The process just doesn’t take up as much time with an online business. It’s just a fact – Especially when we’re talking digital products. They don’t need to be delivered manually or to be physically stored anywhere. No need for sales people or specific opening times.  No geographic restrictions of any kind. If you have a connection and a laptop, you’re in business.

In fact an online business owner’s sole job is send traffic to their websites, offers and products. Like any profession this requires specific tools of the trade and the relevant skills. It doesn’t require the business owner to be in a particular place at a particular time and it can (eventually) be generating income to use a much-misused phrase – on autopilot.

How The Internet Can Provide Time Freedom By The Bucket Load  

time freedomTo give an example: I wrote a blog post yesterday which linked to a company I promote. I got an email at some point last night while I slept telling me I’d made a sale and earned $200. Through the systems I use I was able to find that the buyer was a person was from India.

Given that I produce and distribute all kinds of content across the internet: videos, blogs, adverts, banners and social media, all of which contain links to products I earn commission from and put in front of people who are most likely to want them, and that much of that content is out there forever, you hopefully get the picture.

You can probably also see that if you have the wherewithal to drive a ton of highly targeted traffic to very good products, services and information you can create a ton of time freedom. The work goes in at the front end: Creating campaigns, producing and distributing content. From there, by leveraging systems and automated processes, the sales roll in.

Highly successful digital marketers focus on tracking and fine tuning the front-end stuff to maximise their results. Anyone can learn to do this but contrary to popular belief it’s not an overnight process. Tie freedom needs to be worked for. You need a plan, you need to be surrounded by supportive, experienced people and you need some systems.

The goal of SFM and DEA is to provide all of that and they have developed a highly efficient training platform coupled with bespoke digital marketing systems to that end. Check them out with a complimentary series of videos on the link below to learn more.

time freedom