Youtube Video Advertising – Prepare for Lift Off!

Youtube Video Advertising – The Wow! Factor  

youtube video advertisingI wrote yesterday about a webinar on how to do effective Youtube video advertising I’d registered for. The webinar happened last night and I have to say it was not what I’d expected. It blew me away – not as much as it blew away the presenter Gideon Shalwick though – when he made in excess of $50K in sales, live he was literally reduced to tears!

It was a shining example of just what’s possible with digital marketing when it’s done right and with the right people, great products and integrity.

You can read yesterday’s post here to catch up on this but here’s short version of the background to the event.

Gideon has developed a truly amazing product that makes creating youtube video advertising campaigns remarkably easy and incredibly effective. This came to the attention of Stuart Ross – co-founder of SFM. Stuart held a two-day event on the subject for SFM members last weekend in London.

The Youtube Revolution

He was introduced to Gideon through his “go to” video guy Tom Breeze and decided to do a rare joint venture with him as he was so impressed with the product. In line with his belief that Youtube video advertising campaigns are going to be where the big money is this year he wanted to do a webinar with Gideon for the SFM community.

Part of the deal was to make the product available at a negotiated discount for SFM members attending the webinar. Working with Gideon on tailoring the product specifically for SFM’s markets is the other part.

That’s the background. So what is the product I hear you ask? Again, it was not what I expected. I was expecting a product designed to bring traffic to videos not something to do with those annoying in video ads that you can’t wait to skip. But that is where the genius of this product lies.

Youtube Video Advertising Campaigns – Skip in 5 Seconds…

youtube video advertisingGideon started his presentation by outlining the sheer size of the youtube video advertising market. It’s vast (bigger now than Facebook) largely untapped and badly used. The badly used bit is why you can’t wait to skip those ads – they are usually irrelevant to the video you wanted to watch. That’s a rookie error.

So Gideon’s product Veeroll addresses two things: First the matching of the ads to the target audience; Second, the actual nuts and bolts of finding the right videos to place ads on and the creation of the actual video ads themselves.

You can do this manually but it’s mind blowingly time consuming. You need to create the video itself for starters. That has to be no more than 40 seconds long and has to be structured in a certain way to be effective. Then you need to do a keyword search on Youtube to find relevant videos to place your video ad on.

Saving A Ton Of Time

When you have found those videos you would need to copy and paste each video’s URL into the Youtube video advertising platform. Ideally you are looking for between 500 and 50,000 video placements! Get the picture? Nightmare.

In simple terms the Veeroll software does all of that in minutes. Gideon went through the process live last night. It took around 20 minutes but bear in mind he was talking and fielding questions at the same time.

You get a range of template videos to choose from. You then input the text you want in the video. The video is then created by a real person and returned to you ready to use. Then comes the really great part.

The software contains a keyword search tool. You input your chosen keyword and it finds all of the related keywords for you – there could be thousands of these. The software matches 500 or more Youtube videos to each keyword and grabs their URLS for you. Depending on your Youtube video advertising budget you simply pick as many batches of 500 videos you want your ad to appear on.

Taking The tedium Out of Youtube Advertising

youtube video advertisingFinally the software integrates with the tedious Youtube adwords platform and sets the campaign up for you. Boom! Done! You’ve placed highly effective Youtube video ads on videos watched by audiences they are very relevant to.

One other thing: The video ads themselves are designed to take advantage of that “Skip this ad in 5 seconds” thing. They are also designed to get free traffic by putting in a strong call to action within the all important 30 second window. That’s important because you only pay Youtube for clicks AFTER 30 seconds!.

For SFM affiliates terms there’s an even bigger picture here – and its what I love about this company’s vision. This software and approach to Youtube video advertising was a revelation to Stuart Ross. In keeping with the community-based structure of the SFM membership he’s taking it a step further.


He is creating training videos, mastermind groups and bespoke video ads that will integrate with Gideon’s software. These will be designed and extensively tested to help SFM affiliates and partners further grow their online incomes.

He said last night that he hasn’t been as excited about a traffic source since the long gone hay day of Google Adwords, when an Internet marketer could do no wrong.

So whilst this is a truly exciting product and Youtube video advertising is probably the next big route to internet traffic, things change. The SFM continues to be at the forefront of switched on digital marketing training. Learn more about what they could do for you and your business on the link below.

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