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These are videos which I hope you find useful, helpful and hopefully sometimes amusing . My videos cover various specific tools of the trade and how to use them and my thoughts and ideas and experience about running a home based internet business.

The videos will be updated periodically so please do check in as often as you like to get more tips and hopefully useful info on all things home internet business.

SFM Momemtum Day 11

Here is my video diary from the SFM Momentum day held in London on 22nd January 2016. It was the third I’ve attended and the 11th that SFM and DEA have held. This event had the highest number of attendees yet (around 140) which preserves something of the intimate community atmos you don’t get with many such events.

Hopefully you’ll get a flavour of the event form the video but honestly I can’t do it full justice in a 10 minute video. This is really more a movement for change than a mere internet business opportunity and digital education platform. Our world is changing fast and most are simply not ready for it. Artificial Intelligence, automation and technology are replacing unskilled, skilled and now professional jobs and careers faster than our traditional education platforms and economic systems can cope with.

SFM and DEA aim to equip millions with the skills and disciplines needed to thrive in this scary but tremendously exciting period in human history.

IT actually creates incredible opportunity for people who want to be leaders, educators, digital entrepreneurs and lifestyle business owners.

I’d urge you to grab the introductory video series I mention in the video to find out more.

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