Created by CGP Grey

Humans Need Not Apply

I first saw the the video above at an event in London held by my mentor and business partners The SFM and DEA then again on their monthly updates webinar.

It both scared and excited me as I’m sure it does anyone who sees it.

As a child of the sixties and a sci-fi fan, I’ve seen technology change most things in my world – both in work and in my personal life. With hindsight it’s been shockingly quick but in the last few years it has been dramatic.

From fax machines to email; from tape, vinyl and CD to digital, from computer to laptop to tablet to smartphone. From unfulfilling 9-5 job to digital home business. It’s an evolution that biology could never compete with. I love it.

Through working with people like SFM and DEA I’ve learned to capitalise on and leverage technology and have been able to create a lifestyle business that suits me very well.

Their mission is to arm individuals with the skills and tools to thrive in a technologically advanced society. The possibilities are actually far more exciting than scary.

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