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Quality Ecommerce support is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to enter this lucrative business model. There’s a lot more to it than putting up a website full of products and throwing traffic at it. The best ecommerce support – especially for platforms like FBA – is offered by ImportXperts. Lets look at who they are and what makes them so good.

ImportXperts is one of the newest curriculums offered by SFM (Six Figure Mentors). SFM have been providing training, support, tools, systems and affiliate partnerships to online entrepreneurs for nearly 10 years.  ImportXperts replaced their Silver training programmes a few years ago and is dedicated to ecommerce. It focuses on Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). With FBA products are sourced, branded and manufactured in China. They are then exported to Amazon’s warehouses from where they are delivered to customers.

Watch the video below by Stuart Ross – co-founder of SFM and ImportXperts

The advantages of using Amazon rather than storing and delivering products at home are numerous. So unfortunately are the potential pitfalls. This is where it really pays to leverage the best ecommerce support from proven experts in the field. That’s even truer when it comes to working with Chinese manufacturers.

Best Ecommerce Support for FBA

Amazon’s gargantuan storage and delivery network and established reputation make them an amazing resource. Their review system, guarantees and speed of delivery make them the first port of call for most online shoppers. If you want to sell physical products online FBA is pretty much a no brainer.

Similarly China offers wholesale manufacturing of everything you can imagine at prices that cant beaten. You can find any product you want or design them and have them made in China on your own brand. Then you can have Amazon deal with almost everything else. A match made in heaven? Well, yes and no.

From personal experience, dealing with Chinese manufacturers is both easy and tricky. Most of the negotiations are conducted on Skype. Although the manufacturing agents are multilingual, languages can still be a problem.

There are also vast cultural and business differences to be overcome. It can be difficult and expensive to get product samples from manufacturers. There are no guarantees that the samples you receive will be exactly what your customers get. There are minimum order rules and all sorts of unforeseen costs. It’s a long distance relationship.

Working With Amazon

Dealing with Amazon is also fairly simple but can be an expensive learning curve. There are obviously shipping and storage costs but also less obvious costs. Labelling, bar-coding, duties, taxes and packaging are some.

The whole process is much easier, smoother and cost effective with focussed ecommerce training & support. It’s very much easier if you also have access to bilingual, china based agents. They can look after everything from negotiations and quality control to paperwork and red tape. That is exactly what ImportXperts has to offer.

When SFM’s co-founder Stuart Ross expanded his company’s focus from affiliate marketing to e-commerce he roped in some serious expertise.  The team he put together includes ecommerce experts with incredible resources and contacts built over decades. These are available to ImportXpert students. Last year a dedicated  office was established in the Jinhua International business and trade city.

The ImportXperts Advantage

ImportXperts students are already building successful ecommerce businesses. This is largely down to the incredible resources at their fingertips. There are regular competitions with prizes, which include team visits to China. This is ecommerce training & support taken to the next level.

There are plenty of other ecommerce training and drop shipping training courses out there. None of them however offer ground level support on this scale.

Before I end this post there is one further important point I need to stress. Successful ecommerce even with incredible resources like FBA is reliant on solid Internet marketing.  You could feasibly get a product manufactured in china and delivered to Amazon off your own back. Just having your product listed on Amazon provides considerable marketing juice. But a lot of people are doing it. You still need very good marketing skills to stand out from the crowd. Without them your products will just sit in warehouses accruing costs.

SFM – the creators of ImportXperts – have been providing advanced Internet marketing training and mentorship for over a decade. That too comes as part of the deal. At present to join the ImportXperts programme you first have to be an SFM member. That in itself provides you with a bespoke digital marketing system, training and resources. You also become part of a growing global community of online entrepreneurs. ImportXperts is only one of the business options you can then consider.

There are further high profit business partnerships, personal branding workshops and high-level mastermind platforms available to members. The first step is to learn more. Do that by subscribing to SFM’s free informational video series on the link below.

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