The Six Figure Mentors Application Review

Six Figure Mentors application review

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You have 3 options when you apply to join the Six Figure Mentors but is not a guarantee that your application will be successful for some very good reasons. This post describes the reasons for the application process and describes the most popular option – Express –  to help you decide which to go for.

The three options for applying are: General which is free, Express and VIP each costing $19.95 which is fully refundable for up to 30 days should you not like what you see – whatever reason in fact, it’s a no quibble thing. As Express is by the far the most popular lets look at that.

The Six Figure Mentors are a professional training company

First off, the reason for the application process is as follows. The Six Figure Mentors is a professional training organisation and high commission business option for those that want to – as the name suggests – build a Six or even Seven figure income. They want to speak to applicants to make sure both parties know what’s involved. The Six Figure Mentors do not want – to put it bluntly – tyre kickers, get rich quick merchants or opportunity junkies and applicants get to speak to an Six Figure Mentors business consultant before deciding where they want to go with their business.

The Six Figure Mentors Express Application

This is very different from most online affiliate businesses or training courses where you seldom speak to a real person never mind get to meet them at regular live events and on regular webinars. You might also be surprised to learn that the The Six Figure Mentors do not want a huge membership – that would detract from the level of contact and mentoring members enjoy.

The express application costs you $19.95. Why? Because it is fact that people who are serious about starting a real business know that they will need to invest time and money in doing so. It’s an early indication that this is a serious applicant. What do you get? Quite a lot in fact.

Firstly you get moved up the queue for your consultation with a Six Figure Mentors consultant. Express applicants are contacted within 3 business days (20 days for General applicants) – often sooner, and get a 20 minute consultation. They also get a number of bonuses. These are: A free1st month membership. A free internet laptop lifestyle information package. Bonus packages are yours even if you decide not to progress so you get your money back and get valuable products that are actually a retail product that The Six Figure Mentors sells.

So there you have it. The application process gives you the opportunity to decide how quickly you want to get started. It gives you and The Six Figure Mentors the chance to get to know each other in a no risk situation. There are further videos explaining the 3 options on the application page too. Click on the link below to go to the application page.