Is SFM A Scam – An Honest Review

I made the video Is SFM a Scam for obvious reasons. If you are seriously considering investing time and money – to say nothing of hopes and dreams – into anything, then asking questions like this should be part of your due diligence.

Sadly in the past the internet has had a wild west reputation. Things are very different now and it’s increasingly difficult for unscrupulous marketers to promote dodgy deals or unrealistic opportunities to a savvy public.

The major search engines, social media and advertising platforms – the places you tend to go when looking for information – have very strenuous compliance guidelines these days. If you’re promoting anything online you’d better be able to prove your claims are genuine and that the information you provide is accurate, detailed and realistic.

Nevertheless always do your research first.

In my “Is SFM a Scam” video I simply show you what you get with an SFM membership by taking you on a guided tour of my own Six Figure Mentors affiliate back office.

Is SFM a Scam – Summary of video

Put simply it provides you with a turnkey set of tools that enable you to: Simply set up and host multiple websites to sell affiliate products and services; create professional graphics, landing pages  blogs and automated email marketing systems. It also provides a raft of marketing resources and entry level training from some of the most successful internet marketers in the world.

You also have the opportunity to promote the Six Figure mentors business system as an affiliate and earn commissions by promoting the same tools and systems you yourself are using. You are provided with a full suite of marketing materials which integrate with unique affiliate link.

For entrepreneurs who want to fully transition to a full time living online and perhaps build multiple, highly profitable internet based businesses there is also the option to partner with companion company DEA (Digital Experts Academy)

DEA offers a range of advanced training levels that take you from complete newbie to fully independent, advanced digital marketer. As a DEA affiliate partner you can scale your income by earning some of the highest commissions in the industry, look at creating your own products and command lucrative consultancy fees in the burgeoning digital economy.

This is also built in a community format where members are encouraged to collaborate and interact with each other and co – founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek through regular live and recorded webinars, forums and live events. Many business partnerships, collaborations and masterminds are created within the SFM and DEA community.

At present the SFM is the gateway to DEA partnerships. To reassure both you and them that both parties are a good match – what they offer against what your expectations – they ask for a $29.95 application fee which carries a no questions 30 day money back guarantee.

Most members are introduced to SFM and DEA by subscribing for their complimentary, 7-day video series. You can get that by clicking the banner below.

is sfm a scam

Alternatively you can go straight to the application page here.

Disclaimer: Far from being a scam, SFM and DEA are a high level training, education and business systems platform with a high ticket, high commission affiliate programme. Whilst their training and business systems have helped many students to create high income, lifestyle businesses, individual results cannot be guaranteed. Building any successful business requires commitment, work and application.