DEA and SFM Momentum Day Australia

SFM momentum day Australia

SFM Momentum Day Australia – So Cool it Burns!

SFM momentum day

Stu and Jay meet the Oz family

The SFM Momentum day Australia is in full swing and as ever the feedback from attendees is flowing back fast and furious! These events, and I talk from experience, create such a huge buzz that even getting the images, videos and feedback via social media is infectious.

The DEA and SFM momentum day has so far taken place in London where the Gold, platinum and Black workshops are also held. With so many members joining from the other side of the world though it was time to start bringing them to Australia. Future events and workshops are also planned for the States.

Whey are these such great events then? It’s a combination of factors. The DEA and SFM momentum day events are very different to the run of the mill “corporate” events that membership or affiliate business’s are known for. They are generally kept intimate enough for everyone to have a chance to meet and spend time with founders’ Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek as well as with each other.

The Power Of Momentum Days 

Stu checks in at Sydney

To that end the venues chosen are for no more than 100 people so they sell out fast. With a heady mix of inspirational talk, workshops and socialising, it’s just plain good for business – both SFM and DEA’s business and their members businesses – one and the same really. It really brings home the fact that this is a unique business and that’s its very much built as an entrepreneurial community.

When I attended the 2014 SFM momentum day in London I met loads of people I’d got to know online via social media and the private community forums and groups I’d become part of. I met people that to this day have helped me ungrudgingly and whom I’ve been able to help: Friends for life without a doubt.

It’s also in my experience unusual for founders of mega successful businesses to be so involved with their membership. It’s very obvious with Stuart and Jay that they look forward and love these events as much as everyone else. They don’t just appear on stage to do their bit then disappear. They are present throughout – at coffee breaks, lunch and in the bar after the formal(ish) parts are done.

A Different Kind Of Event

They often talk about how much they hated many of the events they attended and spoke at before forming SFM and DEA. To Stuart and Jay those events seemed very cynical. It was obvious that the Gurus and big shots speaking at them didn’t actually like their affiliates. They were only there to up-sell and get out of dodge as soon as they could.

The whole basis for SFM and DEA was to escape from that sort of churn and burn mentality. Having built their own fortunes by approaching the online industry as a people business they decided to do things very differently. Their vision was to create a community based mentoring and partnership business comprised of people they would happily have a drink with at the bar.

Momentum Day – Strength Through Community 

SFM momentum day AustraliaThat’s definitely the ethos that runs through this business from top to bottom. Put simply it’s cool. Not a word I’d personally associate with many businesses or people. Its definitely one that fits SFM and DEA like a glove.

At the last  DEA and SFM Momentum day members have also been treated to a private screening of “Evolution of a Criminal”. Jay Kubassek (who also runs a film company) along with Spike Lee was one of the Co-executive producers for this soon to be released movie. Cool or what?

Also as I write I’ve just seen a video on Facebook shot at the DEA and SFM momentum day Australia featuring Stuart Ross. In it Stuart talks to an affiliate about the 7 day video series that is used to provide information about the company. Why is that so cool?

Good Guys

Well the affiliate asked Stu if he would say a few words to introduce the video series so that it could be used on his marketing materials. Can you name another multi-millionaire CEO who would happily do that sort of thing? Of course Stuart and Jay actually know who their affiliates are thanks to regular webinars and live meetings like the SFM momentum day Australia.

If you are looking at building an online business or learning more about how digital marketing to boost your existing business do yourself a big favour. Use the link below to sign up for the 7 day video series I’ve just described and see what becoming a part of this amazing community could do for you!

By Dave Menzies