Designing Your Digital Life

What Will You Do With Your Digital Life?

your digital life

What will you do with your digital life? Its actually quite a big question and one worth thinking long and hard about. That’s why the people who have helped me create mine dedicate an entire module to this in their 5 module set up process. It’s called your blueprint and is probably more important even than the nuts n bolts of setting up a digital business in the following modules. In fact you can’t progress any further until you complete it. Lets look at why the question what will you do with your digital life is so important when you decide to create one.

Essentially this refers to transitioning from the old economy to the new, digital economy. You do that by learning how to leverage all the wonderful things that the digital world (the internet) have made possible. In the old economy you exchange your time for money - usually too much of the first for not enough of the latter!  In the digital economy you are able to step out of those restraints. One of the things that does is to free up a ton of time and you need something to do with that time. There’s no magic to this time freeing process - no magic tools as such. It’s just that generating income online simply doesn’t work the same way as a traditional job or business.

What Is Your Digital Life?

your digital life

A few facts:

1. You don’t need to run it from anywhere in particular so no more commuting to and from a base.

2. It simply doesn’t take 9 hours a day 5 days a week or more to run. You leverage systems and platforms that allow you to connect a global marketplace with goods and services they are looking for online

3. A lot of the work can be automated so that it’s working for you even when you sleep.

The actual work you do to feed this system can be done at any time you choose. It consists of creating or even just sharing content - blogs , videos, social media, online adverts. Once created they become a kind of online real estate. Its out there working on your behalf in other words 24/7/365.

You can do the work in big blocks and schedule it to go out over time or you can do a little more often. You can even outsource much of it, saving even more of your own time. Either way and with practice, you can free up a whole lot of time that a traditional working life would have simply swallowed whole. Its estimated that the average 9-5er is productive for only 20% of their working day. The digital economy can turn that 20% into a goldmine.

Planning Your Digital Life

So hopefully you can see how important it is to have a plan for using that time. Do you have a burning desire to travel? Got a young family you’s rather spend more time with? Have passions you’d love to pursue, or to turn into a business but simply don’t have the time? Do you have a book in you bursting to get out? Maybe you just want to relax more, get fitter, commune with nature? Whatever it is, it’s essential that you identify it and do it.

Contrary to what most people think, running a digital business does not involve sitting in front of a commuter all day long. No one wants to do that do they? Of course there is some of that and it’s certainly not all glamour. Placing ads for example though not time consuming, is not many people’s idea of fun. So again once you’ve spent a couple of hours doing that it’s time to get with the reasons you are doing it for.

I know digital entrepreneurs who do all of things I mentioned earlier. Some are on perpetual tour doing house swaps all over the world. They book one way flights and decide where to go next from wherever they happen to be. Others go on long retreats or cross country trips. I’m part of the same online community that these people are. I love spending a few days per year in their company at live events hosted by our mentors all over the world. I’ll introduce you to them at the end of the post.

Living Your Digital Life Your Way

your digital life

Personally I’m a fan of the quiet life. My digital life has allowed me to live in a beautiful part of the Scottish Highlands overlooking the sea and surrounded by rugged countryside. Myself and my partner travel fairly often. Mostly though we do a lot of walking, beach combing, writing and recording music, cooking, upcycling furniture and playing with our two cats Dallas and Skye. After many years of juggling a semi professional rock band with demanding day jobs, we just want some peace and quiet.

At the end of the day what you do with your digital life is up to you. That’s really the point - choice. If any of this has inspired you to start transitioning to the new digital world and its possibilities I have something for you. Click on the link below or any of the images in the post to watch an introductory video from my own mentors and business partners. If you like what you see you can register for their free 7 - day video series explaining how they have helped me and thousands of others create a digital life of their own design - whatever that happens to be.


your digital life