Escape The Rat Race With A Practical Plan

escape the rat race

How To Escape The Rat Race Realistically

escape the rat race

So you want to escape the rat race do you? Many of us do but the phrase itself is a bit tired don’t you think? It’s become linked with all those pie in the sky, money for old rope, get rich quick and run away into the sunset things that googling it brings you to. Here’s a more realistic take on it.

First of all what is “the rat race”. For me and I guess most of us it’s the time honoured pattern we find ourselves trapped in for most of our lives: Go to school, pass exams, go to college or Uni, pass more exams, get a job, maybe pass more exams and work your way up some kind of ladder for the next 40 years.

With the biggest percentage of the world’s population following that pattern it becomes a race of sorts. Like any kind of race It’s competitive and lures us into the “beat the jones’s” mindset. So we find ourselves clawing our way up these ladders to get the next promotion, the bigger house, the nicer car, more holidays……. the list goes on.

Remember Ewan MacGregor as Rentboy in Trainspotting? Remember his amazing rant in the movie when he and his mates head out for a walk in the country? Nutshell. Albeit their – escape the rat race – plan was definitely not the best!

Why You Want To Escape The Rat Race 

For most people who look to escape the rat race that means no more alarm clocks, no more commuting no more joining the sheep-like 9am to 5pm throng. No more rat race uniform (ties) No more being a tiny cog in a big machine.

There are lots of ways to escape the rat race – far more that ever in fact – but for most people who stop day dreaming about it and take the plunge it doesn’t come easy. Unless you win the lottery, or get some kind of windfall to fund your escape the rat race dreams it’s going to mean some form of self-employment.

Whether that’s a traditional business, a franchise or a consultancy based on an area of expertise it’ll take some work. Aside from the nuts and bolts stuff – premises, equipment and all that, it will need customers and sales. To get them you need marketing and these days that better be digital marketing…..

So consider this: Instead of digital marketing just being a means to an end, why not make it the actual business? What do I mean?

 What’s The Alternative?

To want to escape the rat race implies that you have a preferred alternative: Living on a houseboat, working from home, travelling, an all consuming passion you’d like to make your living from. You probably want more time, more money and less restrictions too.

Digital marketing – promoting goods and services on the Internet is an option open to everyone. It doesn’t need premises, specialised equipment or rigid work regimes. It’s an infinitely adaptable skill set that these days can be tailored to fit any escape the rat race alternative.

You can use these skills in any field or niche. To put it another way: Say your ideal is to spend more of your time doing, photography, music, acting, dancing, classic car restoration (insert whatever yours is) Instead of exchanging your time for money in the old way (day job) Why not use digital marketing to make income from them? Doesn’t that sound like the ideal way to escape the rat race?

Even if you don’t have an idea in mind you can still build your own ideal lifestyle by catering to other people’s.

Escape With A Blueprint

I’d like to introduce you to my mentor, business partner and friend Stuart Ross. He did just that some years ago. He desperately wanted to escape from a well paid job in estate agency. Yes he had a good salary but he was working 70 -90 hours per week to earn it. He was also spending more that he earned to “keep up with the joneses”.

He discovered affiliate marketing and has never looked back. In fact he built a multi-million dollar business from it. Better than that though, he went on to create an educational platform and digital business system to help others escape the rat race in the same way. A Blueprint if you will.

Click on the link below to register for a free webcast with Stuart where he outlines his proven to running a profitable online lifestyle business. He explains his journey and how he can help you escape the rat race in a real way – no pies in the sky, no false promises or push button riches – just a realistic modern reality.

escape the rat race

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By Dave Menzies

escape the rat race