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Live Wherever You Want To – The Digital Gift

live wherever you want

The ability to live wherever you want to is one of the many blessings of the digital age. In a moment I’ll tell you about our (myself and my partner’s) version of that, how we were able to do it and why I believe any one can. So if you would rather live somewhere else but it seems impossible this will be worth reading.

A recent event prompted me to write about this: We had a visit from my partner’s cousin who she hadn’t  seen for 40 years, but that’s another story. Anyway the long lost cousin and her hubbie described the part of Yorkshire they live in as “a shithole”. Over a few drinks we told them how these days you can actually live wherever you want to.

I could relate to their comments about their home town. The area of Glasgow we moved from 2 years ago was fast becoming a shithole and we desperately wanted to move. Whilst we loved our home itself, we didn’t enjoy watching the area go downhill around us: Our cars being vandalised; litter everywhere from a growing number of fast food joints; blatant drug dealing, break-ins…..

Why Don’t You Live Where You want To?

That’s why I started looking up “live wherever you want” on Google and how I eventually found the way to do it. Actually our ideal scenario seemed especially undoable: We would have loved to pick up our lovingly renovated Victorian tenement and set it down in the countryside – preferably by the sea. Bizarrely that’s sort of what we’ve done!

Finding the place wasn’t difficult. We did some exploring and found an area that actually surpassed our dream scenario. We sold our Glasgow place online in 10 days for more than the asking price and rented here for 4 months to test the waters. We then found our ideal house half a mile from the rented place.

Bigger than our old place it has a large garden and sits in a stunning setting. It has all the Victorian features and spaciousness we loved back in Glasgow. Our living room and two front bedrooms offer stunning, elevated views over the firth of Clyde, Bute and Arran. The third bedroom and kitchen look on to the back garden and Argyle forest beyond. For us it’s perfect.

Getting A Location Independent Income

live wherever you want toBasically a couple of things let us do this. Firstly I had started an online business – the perfect live wherever you want business. Secondly my partner’s driving instruction business took off from day one. It turned out that there was a shortage of instructors in the area. A couple of social media posts (internet again) had her diary full in one weekend as it has been ever since.


In the spirit of full disclosure  – we did have some hurdles along the way. Although property prices are way lower here than in the city, and we had done well on the sale, we did need a small mortgage. As both of us are self employed – me more recently – this was a trying process. A great local mortgage advisor got us there in the end.

You could say we got lucky in some ways. Looking back though it does seem that the universe had our backs: Once we had made the decision and taken the plunge everything fell in to place. It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t have kids so didn’t have the worry of relocating them. Mind you this would be an amazing place to bring up a family.

Getting The Skills For Location Freedom

live wherever you want

why not?

Our one worry was that my partner’s driving business would struggle in such a small rural place. If that had been the case she would have been faced with a tedious commute. It’s a 20-minute ferry trip to the large towns of Gourock, Greenock and Port Glasgow and from there 30 minutes on the motorway to Glasgow. That’s why we rented first and fortunately it all worked out.



The next step for us is to scale up my online business to a point where my partner can give up her business entirely. She’d like to spend more time on her creative interests such as upcycling old furniture. Lets face it its all very well being able to live where you want to but a little pointless if you can’t also do what you want to there.

That again is one of the joys of the Internet. Not only does it offer a way of earning income that lets you live wherever you want to. It also takes far less time than any job or traditional business to run. An online business can be scaled up faster and further too.

You only need a laptop an Internet connection, some new skills, some superb and profitable products to sell to get started online. I got all of those through partnering with some great mentors. You can get the same free introduction to them as I did by clicking the link below.

live where you want to