How To Work Less And Enjoy Life More

work less and enjoy life more

Work Less And Enjoy Life More (It’s 2017 FFS!)

work less and enjoy life moreAside from a couple of breaks I’ve pretty much worked full time for the best part of 30 years (I’m 52). In all that time I often looked for ways to work less and enjoy life more. 30 years of working 9-5 – often longer – adds up to a hell of a lot of time. Especially if for most of that time you’d rather have been doing something else. This might have continued for another 20 years If I hadn’t been made redundant. Happily though, that experience led to me finding a way to work less and enjoy life more – and in fact to earn more.

About 20 years into my 30 year sentence a thing called the internet came along. It seemed like a bit of a gimmick back then but it fairly quickly started to become an indispensable work tool. Then it became an incredible resource, a convenient shopping portal, a way of communicating with friends and relations all over the world, and finally a means to work less and enjoy life more. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years. It’s given me time freedom, location freedom and financial independence.

Wake Up Baby Boomers

If like me, you grew up in a pre Google world you’ve witnessed a pretty amazing couple of decades. You’ve seen phenomena like Facebook and Youtube appear from nowhere. You’ve seen (and probably now depend on) smartphones, tablets and other devices go from sci-fi to commonplace. They’ve made life easier, wider and much more convenient.

These resources and gadgets also create fantastic opportunities to work less and enjoy life more. They put us in touch with pretty much the entire world and most of that world is looking for and buying most of they want on the internet.

My previous career was mainly in sales. Pre-Internet that meant taking a very tedious and time consuming journey towards a sale. You had to first find people who were interested in whatever you sold. That involved a lot of door knocking – actual door to door or by phone. Advertising in print, radio or TV was a similar process – very expensive and pretty vague. Then of course you had to persuade those hard found potential customers to buy from you – not the competition. Things couldn’t be more different on the internet. These days people do all the pre-sales stuff themselves.

Get With The Zmot

work less and enjoy life moreNow you can accurately find your customers before you approach them and put your products and services right in front of them. They could be lying in bed, on a train, in the bath or on top of a mountain. You could be asleep, on holiday or just enjoying life more – one click of a mouse or touch on a screen and an automated sales process starts. It’s known as the ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) You see it, you want it you buy it.

All it actually takes to leverage this and start working less, earning more and enjoying life fully is a little re-skilling. You won’t yet find those practical skills in traditional education (too behind the times) You will find it with entrepreneurial oriented educators like SFM and DEA.

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