Is It Time For a Lifestyle Re-wire?

lifestyle rewire - image of faulty Les Paul Pickup switch which is a metaphor for an incomplete lifestyle
This is not (just) about guitars

Pickup Your Life

After years of putting up with a temperamental pickup switch on my beloved Gibson Les Paul I decided that it was time for a complete re-wire. It occurred to me while I was researching the process and locating the parts online that I actually gave my entire lifestyle a rewire a few years back. Like with the Les Paul I was getting by pretty well at 50% capacity (I thought) Losing my job presented the perfect opportunity to change direction and “tune things up”.

I’ll stick with the guitar metaphor for a bit if you don’t mind. For a lot of years I juggled my musical ambitions with a demanding, full time job.  When I look back I realise that I was actually only “half in” for both. Rather than committing fully to either I compromised and adjusted. One fulfilled my passion the other paid the bills.

Double Your Potential With A Lifestyle Rewire

lifestyle rewire. faulty guitar pickup switch - a metaphor for an incomplete lifestyle
Firing on one cylinder

With the guitar I gave up on fixing or replacing the switch every couple of months and just used the one pickup that worked. With the job I did the bare minimum – still quite a lot – that I could get away with. This worked pretty well for a long time but with both areas deep down I wanted more. I was limiting my potential by 50%. Luckily we live in times where a lifestyle rewire like an electric guitar rewire is easier than ever before. Even with no previous experience of either.  In both cases it started for me with the Internet.

When I opened the guitar up I was greeted with a confusing tangle of wires and components, which made no sense. A little time online looking at diagrams and watching videos helped a little but replacing it all still looked daunting. But then I discovered that for a fairly modest price the whole lot could be acquired more or less done for you. All that remained was a little soldering and fiddling which I was more than capable of.

The Done For You Rewire

Digital Business Lounge by SFM

The process with the lifestyle rewire was actually pretty similar and there is a beautiful overlap I’ll get to shortly. As with the guitar, my search for a lifestyle rewire began on Google. It was clear to me by 2011 (when I lost my job) that an online business was the way to go. I had seen how much it had changed everything in both my work and personal life. I’d learned that an Internet business provides a lot of time and location freedom. I could also see that the earnings potential was vast. But like with the guitar project, when I looked further into that box I was hit with an overwhelming onslaught of information.

Again as with the guitar rewire I discovered an easier solution to working it all out myself. I found a platform that provided everything I would need to build an online business in any niche I chose. It provided the training, support and mentorship that I knew would be essential. It also provided all the nuts and bolts an Internet business needs in a pre-built, step by step format. Best of all it was also a business in a box so you could start earning as you learned.

The Beautiful Overlap

So I mentioned that I discovered an overlap in the guitar and lifestyle rewire. Here it is. The Internet business platform (which I’ll share with you) is based on a business model known as affiliate marketing. Simply put you sell other peoples products and services and earn commission. The range of goods and services you can sell in this way is literally limitless and includes guitar related products.

The method you use to sell online is Internet marketing: Blogging, video, social media, advertising. It follows then that I can create those types of content for my guitar rewire as I do it. Not only does this help other people in the same boat I can also sell the products involved as an affiliate. So an income stream can be built around a passion. In fact that’s exactly what the guy I bought the rewire kit from was doing. He produced a video tutorial on the subject linking to the product itself. My business platform provides all the tools I need. I can even create income streams around all the equipment I use to create the content, as they are also available as affiliate products.

The Lifestyle Rewire Vehicle

Look, I know this has all been a little Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but I hope you get the idea. Basically the Internet provides a vehicle that allows you to create an income around all the component parts of your life.  With it you can build a lifestyle business around the things that get you out of bed in the morning. The things you love are passionate about and already do anyway. Best of all it doesn’t chew up most of your valuable time in the process like a traditional job or business.

The online business platform that enabled my lifestyle rewire is Six Figure Mentors/Digital Business Academy. To find out more about them and how they can help you revolutionise your lifestyle click on the link below. You’ll visit a page where you’ll meet their founders and can subscribe for their free 7-part video training series.