Just Too busy to Enjoy Life?

too busy to enjoy life

If You’re Too Busy To Enjoy Life, You’re Doing It Wrong…

too busy to enjoy life

If you find yourself too busy to enjoy life it’s got to be time for a change and there’s never been a better time to do it. It could be your job or a business you are no longer passionate about that’s the cause. It could be a host of other commitments that vie for your attention. Whatever the root of the situation, being too busy to enjoy life is not healthy.

People in business always see being busy as a great thing and it is – to some extent. But it can turn into an all consuming, time burning and relationship-straining monster all too easily. Even if the end result is a burgeoning bank account, what good is that with no time to spend it?

A big business that’s become a drag can be sold or delegated to someone else. But for a sole trader that’s not always possible as basically you are the business. You can only do so much and that also means that the business can’t be scaled beyond that point.

My partner, a driving instructor, is a good example. She has a thriving business but unless she decided to start a driving school and franchise it off (which she doesn’t) it’s a big as it ever can be. Most of the traditional trades or arts people I know are in the same boat. They have orders coming out of their ears and waiting lists as long as their arms but they can only do so much in a day.

The Too Busy In Business Catch 22

too busy to enjoy lifeThe understandable desire to not turn work away in this situation often results in them being too busy to enjoy life. The business has to all intents become a job – an exchange of time for money. Of course many people in this situation tell themselves they are working towards an early retirement. The truth is it’s like climbing a mountain of gold dust with only a matchbox to carry it home with.

Nowadays however it is possible to create an almost infinitely scaleable, global business that can be run from anywhere. With very little equipment and comparatively low investment you can do this and not be too busy to enjoy life.

You do it on the Internet. All business people use the Internet already but very few traditional small businesses can actually take full advantage of it. The last thing they actually need is more business. I’m talking about a business that is run entirely on the Internet and a business model known as affiliate marketing.

With this model you don’t have to create, store or deliver products of services and can sell them from anywhere in world to customers anywhere in the world. An affiliate marketing business is open 24/7/365 and runs irrespective of whether you are working or not.

Like the internet itself, this is a fairly new concept relatively speaking. It really only became a mainstream e-commerce model in 1994. Since then it has become a massively popular alternative to traditional business models. Many a billion has been made by early adopting entrepreneurs and along the way the Internet or “laptop lifestyle” was born.

Having Your Cake And Eating It

too busy to enjoy life

Affiliate marketing solves the too busy to enjoy life problem by leveraging the incredible power of internet marketing. Essentially this is just the process of matching products and services to the people who are looking for them. On the internet this can be done infinitely more accurately and to a massively bigger market than any traditional business could hope for. And it takes far less day to day time.

Of course internet marketing is an art and science that has to be mastered. That’s true whether you sell products and services as an affiliate or you create your own. But when you learn the ropes you’ll never be too busy to enjoy life again.

I can’t really end an article like this without offering more information. If you are too busy to enjoy life and would ’d like to look at affiliate marketing, internet marketing and the laptop lifestyle more closely that is.

The link below introduces a couple of guys who have built an online business training academy and high profit affiliate partnership platform based on many years of success. You can also get their free 7 day video series on that link.


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