Lifestyle Independence In The 21st Century

The New Lifestyle Independence

lifestyle independenceThe phrase lifestyle independence means different things to different people. For me it used to conjure up images of living off grid, growing your own vegetables and keeping chickens. That’s all changed in the last few years though. Now it means, working when and where you want, living where you want and driving what you want. It means associating with who you want to and generating a largely automated income. I’ve been able to achieve that since being redundant. Put simply I discovered online affiliate marketing.

In the process I’ve met some amazing people and learned some extremely transferable skills. I am able to earn multiple income streams by doing things I love doing. I definitely consider myself one of “The New Autonomous individuals”.

Whether we like it or not lifestyle independence comes at a cost. In the living frugally, growing your own food etc example the cost is in creature comforts. You’ll work very hard just to scrape by. If that’s your bag then more power to you.  These days though there are far better ways to achieve a high level of lifestyle independence with much less sacrifice.

Lifestyle Independence And The New Autonomous Individual

The Internet over the last decade or two has presented everyman opportunities that just weren’t there for most people not long ago. These opportunities are so broad that it’s actually quite difficult to cover them in a blog post like this. In short everything you do, everything you consume, everything you are passionate about can become sources of income.

Disruptive businesses are turning our world on it’s head. They leverage technology that’s commonplace to most of us making this a cast iron reality. Here are a few examples:

Uber – the American “hail a ride” app that is now active in many countries.

If you are a car owner you can get paid to use it as a private taxi. If you use the app yourself you can also be an affiliate and get paid commission by recommending Uber to others.

Airbnb – The private accommodation network. app If you have a spare room you can rent it out through the Airbnb app. Again you can also earn commissions by recommending Airbnb as an affiliate.

Amazon: Anyone can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and sell almost anything for commission. You can even source products wholesale, brand them as private label goods and get Amazon to store and deliver them.

Affiliate marketing: As with Uber, and Airbnb you can earn affiliate commissions direct from product owners. Alternatively you can join affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Commission Junction and Apple Itunes.

The range of products and services you can sell online as an affiliate is awe inspiring. If you have an interest, passion or hobby you can easily turn it into a side income or full time business. That is true lifestyle independence.

A Business Created In The Image Of YOU

In effect affiliate marketing is like recommending a favourite restaurant to a friend – except that you get paid for it. It’s the most accessible, most exciting business model ever devised in my opinion. It offers genuine lifestyle independence to anyone who invests in getting the skills to do it. It’s socially moral and environmentally low impact. This far outweighs the negative impact on traditional jobs and businesses that some see technology having.

As awesome as this is as a business and lifestyle model, it’s still in its infancy. How many affiliate marketers do you know? That’s because you won’t find schools, universities or colleges teaching it. That’s a big problem since it is part of the digital skills set that everyone will need before long.

If you invest in the skills to build websites, drive traffic on the internet and match products and services to the people who are looking for them you have it made. You can apply those transferable skills, strategies and tools to almost anything. You can operate on a global 24/7/365 basis. YOU are you business.

One company who is provides these skills training, business systems and resources is SFM and partner company DEA. They also provide a ready to go suite of high demand, high profit digital education products. That enables you to earn multiple income streams as you learn. That is true lifestyle independence.

Find out more about them by subscribing for their complimentary 7-day video series. Just click the link below to get them.

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By Dave Menzies