Living A Portable Lifestyle

living a portable lifestyle

Living A Portable Lifestyle – Simple 

living a portable lifestyleLiving a portable lifestyle in today’s digital world doesn’t have to mean flogging all your possessions, buying a camper van and heading for the wild blue yonder.  Obviously that’s one option but whilst starting to de-clutter this weekend in preparation for moving home soon, I was struck by how much of our lives are in fact portable – work too.

I’ve been making my income online for a couple of years now so that side of life is entirely portable for me. In a pinch all I need is my laptop and an internet connection. But a truly portable lifestyle is more than just that.

We started on the cupboards and found a lot in there that has become obsolete – or at least easily portable. The old box of vinyl records for example and the CDs that replaced them. All of that now exists on ipods, tablets, computers and back up drives. So sentimentality aside, they have all gone.

A few of the vinyl’s went to collectors – the rest – in terrible condition to the dump. The CD’s, many of the DVDs (also now digitized) and old computer games are going to Music Magpie next week. So that’s a large cupboard full that will be accompanying us when we move but on a few small devices rather than in some big cardboard boxes.

The Portable Lifestyle Is Already Here 

living a portable lifestyleYou can say the same for photography and books. I’m passionate about both but I’m no longer about the mediums that contain them. I can accept that something is probably lost in the translation to digital but for me the convenience far outweighs whatever that might be.  We also donated several suitcases of books to charity this weekend. I do most of my reading on a tablet these days and my photos and videos exist in the same places as the music.

So really a portable lifestyle is easier to attain than you might think. Aside from creature comforts – furniture, cooking utensils, decorations etc we just don’t need as much “stuff” as we did. Life can be as portable as you want it depending on what you personally feel is necessary for your preferred lifestyle.

You can live a portable lifestyle in style. I know lots of people now who do this. Some do long term house swaps all over the world, others travel light and go when and where the fancy takes them. I know of people who do the camper van thing. Some buy one-way tickets, buy what they need when they need it and move on when they feel like it.

Thank You Internet!

The one thing all these versions of the portable lifestyle have in common is that the Internet enables them to do it. Some run affiliate marketing businesses, others do lifestyle or business coaching, other are digital consultants, website builders, Amazon or Ebay traders or bloggers. The point is that they leverage a weightless economy.

The best part is that anyone can do this with the right skills and resources. We don’t have to live the way our parents or grandparents did. We don’t need to be tied to regimes or specific places anymore and we don’t need to spend years in education mode to get the skills needed to do it. You probably already have most of them anyway.

All the people I know who are living their individual versions of the portable lifestyle, myself included, got those skills and resources through joining the SFM and DEA. We first watched their free introductory video series, which is available to you on the link below.

If you still think making income online is all about joining push button income schemes or programmes or is for unrealistic dreamers, think again. If you think it’ll all be too technical or that’s it’s only for the younger generations, think again. These free videos will open your eyes to the very real possibilities that now exist.

living a portable lifestyle