Living And Loving The Internet Business Lifestyle

the internet business lifestyle

Living And Loving The Internet Business Lifestyle

the internet business lifestyle That’s me and my better half 3 years ago living the internet business lifestyle in a little Northern Italian town called Capena. I came across this pic when I was looking for the details of the apartment we rented there to pass on to a friend. It brought back a lot of memories as it was just at the point where I was generating my income entirely from an online business. Living the laptop lifestyle you might say.

At that time the internet business I was involved with, was thriving and didn’t take up much of my time. The apartment didn’t even have an internet connection. In the mornings I’d wander up the cobbled streets to the little town square and pop into the villages only Internet café. I’d check the account, make some changes and answer a few emails.

That done I’d grab a loaf of still warm bread from the bakery next door and head back to the apartment for breakfast. Then we’d plan the day’s excursion or just chill on the balcony. If we went down to Rome or Tivoli I’d find a coffee shop or bar with Wifi and work from there for an hour or two if I felt like it. That’s what the internet business lifestyle can be like.

The Internet Business Lifestyle – Any Time, Any Place

internet business lifestyleIn the top picture we are sitting on a bench made by a local artisan soaking up some sunshine. I look content because I really was (am). I’d more than replaced my income after being made redundant from a good job and was able to earn my daily (fresh baked) bread from anywhere I could connect to the Internet. These days that really is pretty much anywhere.

Its difficult to describe the sense of freedom this provides. Since then I’ve been able to live my internet businesses lifestyle from the south of France, Cyprus, Tenerife, Spain, Cyprus and Italy. Sometimes I’ve taken a laptop, other times just an ipad and like in the example above, sometimes I’ve just relied on Internet café’s, bars or coffee shops.

I should explain that my first venture – the one I was running in the picture – didn’t last. It did however show me what was possible. As you can probably imagine I was determined to hang on to that kind of lifestyle.

I knew that to sustain that kind of lifestyle I needed something more solid than a programme type “online business opportunity” that wouldn’t potentially go bust at the drop of a hat. There are a lot of those out there. My advice with the benefit of experience would be to avoid those.

I had learned that affiliate marketing was by far the best, most sustainable option for a long term Internet business lifestyle. It’s a long established and proven online business model where you generate commissions by promoting goods and services online. Unlike programmes, which are usually based around a brand new idea, affiliate marketing concentrates on already established goods and services.

You can pick what you want to base your business around. It’s like a franchise business but with far less restrictions.

How To get Your Lifestyle Business Started

There is a learning curve involved at first to set up and run affiliate marketing businesses so I decided I’d better invest in some training. Through a contact from the previous business I found SFM and after watching their free training video’s I knew they had what I needed.

I didn’t have any products in mind at the time but SFM also offered an affiliate marketing business promoting their products. That gave me the possibility of generating income as I learned the ropes – the best of all worlds.

With SFM I had top quality training, built in digital business systems that I could apply to other products and top quality products and services to promote for high commissions – products I was using myself in fact.

I can’t recommend the internet business lifestyle highly enough. The lifestyle freedom and income potential is incredible if you go about it the right way. Avoid new fangled hypey sounding programmes and schemes that can let you down just when your starting to live that internet business lifestyle.

Learn the ropes about affiliate marketing, partner with good people and sell honest, high demand products online. You can do it from anywhere and it takes far less time than any job or traditional business. Leaving you more time to enjoy life on your own terms.

It might sound too good to be true but you’d be amazed at how many people are turning to the digital economy right now. If it appeals to you why not at least check out the same free videos about SFM that I did. You can access them by clicking on the link below.

internet business lifestyle

By Dave Menzies

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