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managing your online business

Managing Your Online Business The Easy Way

managing your online businessManaging your online business should be simple – that’s the whole point of starting one in the first place – to get your time back. That’s the whole premise of the Six Figure Mentors digital business system. Their system and training provides a ready made, high commission affiliate business but also leaves members open to apply all that to other affiliate offers. That’s when things can get complicated.

I’m writing about this today because of a conversation I had with a solo ad provider yesterday. It made me realise, not for the first time, why people can get overwhelmed at the start of their first online venture. They forget the basic principle of keeping it simple.

An inevitable part of the process is the constant bombardment of information about “must have” fancy tools and resources from third parties. If I hadn’t been introduced to SFM early on I might well have got lost in all that myself. Hopefully this will help if you’re daunted by the thought of managing your online business.

The truth is that an online affiliate marketing business offers so much scope that option paralysis can set in. There are so many products and services that you can promote online that it can be overwhelming. The same goes for the myriad methods of bringing traffic to the business. That’s why it’s definitely best to start with just one and then gradually add more if and when you’re ready.

Managing Your Online Business As It Grows

managing your online businessManaging your online business really only gets complicated when you begin to really scale it. Then you have multiple offers to send traffic to. Each of those might have multiple landing pages, websites and advertising campaigns attached to them. All of that has to be manageable. That’s when it becomes worth investing in tools that can help automate all these processes.

The trouble is that all of these things cost money and take time to learn and get familiar with. In the early days managing your online business is all about getting traffic and watching your budget. As you get into profit and get better at marketing you can reinvest some of it into the more advanced stuff.

SFM’s system and training has been built with all of that in mind. It provides everything you need to get up and running and to grow a very big business without the need for a ton of additional resources. All of the tools and systems you need are there – all in one place and at a low monthly cost. So you don’t need to go and find them all individually. This makes managing your online business very simple.

Everything In One Place

You’ll only find the need to look at third party management tools much further down the line. Even at that, SFM have a keen eye on the industry are constantly adding to their suite of tools and resources so that you have what you need – nothing less and nothing more. Their aim is for their members to never have to go elsewhere.

My solo ad guy was recommending a tracking system yesterday for example. It looks amazing. It allows you to do all sorts of powerful stuff. You can send traffic to different landing pages, set up timers, exit pop ups and a host of other advanced stuff. You can filter and analyse results in a million ways to maximise your results and increase your ROI. But I just don’t need it.

Everything You Need – No More, No Less

managing your online businessSFM’s system provides a lot of that stuff anyway and at a level I can understand and use. I’m not a number cruncher and neither are the founders of SFM – that’s why they built a system that’s easy to use.

Don’t get me wrong, if I was at the stage where I was sending 100’s, of thousands of dollars per month to a hundred different offers and lists I would need it. But I’d probably pay someone to do it for me.

I know people who are making fortunes online by simply sticking to the SFM system and keeping things very simple. I also know others who sing from the rooftops about all the time saving management tools and systems they use and couldn’t live without.

Their is wisdom in analysing every bit of traffic that you get and in using all that data to wring every possible penny out of it. But it’s advanced stuff. You can build a very large online business before you need to get deep into all that.

How you go about managing your online business is up to you. My point is that it doesn’t need to be complicated – definitely not at first or for a long time.

I doubt if you’ll find a better way to start an online business and grow it sensibly than SFM. Managing your online business with their set up is easy because everything you really need is in one place. Stuart Ross has just released a couple of new videos explaining all this. They are well worth taking a look at. Just click the link below to check them out.