Momentum Day 2014 – Business Entrepreneurs United

SFM Momentum day 2014

I’m just back from my first experience of an SFM/DEA Momentum day. Like all good things that you anticipate for a long time its over too soon! Momentum day is really a chance for all the members of the community to meet and network together offline. Also of course to get an overdose of inspiration from the founders themselves. As there is no manual for being a business entrepreneur this is pretty powerful and valuable stuff.

Sadly due to bereavement, co-founder Stuart Ross wasn’t able to be there this time. Flying solo Jay Kubassek did an amazing job of inspiring the 50 or so attendees with a full 9 hours of mindset, practical mentoring and work shopping. All the more amazing considering that he hadn’t slept for 36 hours ! Not many people could pull that off.

The Business Entrepreneur Mindset

The two main messages I came away with is that to get anywhere in life you need to have a clear idea of where you are going. As a business entrepreneur you need to create a very clear picture of what it is you want. A not a wishy-washy, vague idea of what you would like wont cut it. You need a precise mental picture of exactly where you want to be.  To back that up: You really do have to focus on that rather than what you don’t want. If you are focused on the stuff that’s not working or that’s holding you back then you will inevitably just create more of it.

momentum day 2014

Myself with Jay Kubassek

Jay impressed that on us by giving us an incredibly honest account of the last few extremely turbulent years he has had personally.  Despite being the guy who has everything to the outside world, he has had to drag himself out of a pretty bad place recently. He was only able to do that by applying the same mindset he so passionately teaches.

The Challenges And How To Overcome

During the event itself Jay asked us to give him a list of the biggest challenges we are facing with our online businesses. Out front by a country mile was lead generation. His advice on that is to stop thinking about generating “leads” and start thinking about converting those nameless leads into customers. He detailed how he did this in early days and why, in an industry that has become very automated, its important to engage with people in an honest and real way. To some extent blurring the lines between the online and offline world.

Outside of the main room activity the other huge plus for me was the chance to network with other business entrepreneurs. The thing that links us all together is the power of doing business online and its amazing just how massive an opportunity that offers business people across a wide range of “niches” or business types.

The Internet’s Gift to Serious Business Entrepreneurs

The fact is that we can now build an online business around pretty much anything we have knowledge, skills or just plain passion around.  We just need to offer value to customers. A lot of that value comes from the fact that so many traditional businesses just don’t know what the possibilities offered by the internet actually are. If we as online business entrepreneurs are prepared to do the spade-work, work out how to do things, that in itself can be built into valuable marketable products. What entrepreneurs do after all is solve problems.

Events like this are a lot like adding pieces to a jigsaw in a way.  If you have the seed of an idea in your head – part of the jigsaw – you will usually meet someone who has the next couple of pieces. You can even look at ways of working together. This mutual, non-competitive exchange of ideas and know-how is worth the ticket price alone.

Big Takeaways

With this community you wont find any talk of “magic buttons” or silly internet opportunities that are based on nothing of substance. You’ll find talented, clever people – serious business people with vision who have realised what is possible in the modern world. In short the ability to create an enviable income and lifestyle. The Internet is not some strange magical place where dreams can come true overnight. It though a worldwide, easily accessible marketplace. Have a look at what is possible on the link below and maybe I’ll see you at the next Momentum day !

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