New Ways To Fund Your Music

New ways to fund your music

New Ways to fund your musicI think I can speak for many musicians when I say that we didn’t pick up our chosen instrument with money in mind. For me it’s the guitar and my passion for it started way before I even knew what money was. From as far back as I can remember I just wasn’t interested in much else. Then as I got older and the harsh realities of life set in: The fact that you have to fund your music somehow. My passion continued but had to take a back seat eventually.

Of course I wanted to earn my living through playing. Over the years I made some money at it but never enough to support myself entirely. So like many other would be rock gods, I succumbed to the 9-5 – the day job to earn my keep and fund my music. My passion became my hobby. You can fund your music by playing wedding band or cover band but that was never my bag.  I’m sure I could have made some kind of a living out of it. Maybe I could even have done ok as a session man but I was also a songwriter and playing my own compositions was my real passion.

How To Fund Your Music Online

These days though there are better ways to fund your music if you are more passionate about music than earning from it directly. At the end of the day what you probably really crave is time. Musical inspiration – any kind of artistic process in fact – doesn’t work office hours after all. It comes when it comes and can slip through your fingers like sand if you’re not ready to go with it.

I’ve long since given up any aspirations for major musical success but I still love playing and writing songs as much as ever. I’ve been able to give my self much more time to do that by taking a different approach to income. I make my living now on the Internet as an affiliate marketer. I sell other peoples products and services, including guitar lessons and other products.

Although I don’t earn my income directly through my real passion, it is creatively fulfilling in other ways. Best of all it doesn’t take up most of my time as earning a living 9-5 did for many years. You’ve possibly found it as hard to fund your music by exchanging time for money as I did. Marketing on the internet involves creative writing, video and photography (two of my other passions) It also involves being resourceful. Back when I was writing songs, organising tours, recording and producing the band and playing live, I really loved developing resourcefulness. I guess that was a type of entrepreneurialism. Being an Internet entrepreneur provides that kind of buzz for me too.

Getting More Of That Precious Time

The really great thing about earning money online is the sense of freedom it offers. It’s a lot like the feeling I get from playing guitar. You can run it from anywhere – my partner and I have been able to re-locate to a peaceful place on the north west coast of Scotland. As I mentioned before, it also doesn’t take a lot of time and I can pick the hours I work. That way if I get an idea for a song or just want to work on a current musical project, I can. I know that my online business is ticking away without me being hands on all the time.

The digital revolution in recent years has made funding your music, photography – any passion much easier. It’s  made it possible to make a living directly or indirectly from your passions. It can also make life much easier on a far bigger scale than most people realise. It does mean learning some new skills and some mindset adjustment but there is probably no better self-investment you can make.

I got started on this journey after subscribing for a set of free videos that really opened my eyes to what’s possible these days. You can do the same by clicking on the link below.


new ways to fund your music