7 Joys Of Running A Home Internet Business

The Reality Of Running A Home Internet Business

home internet business

It’s a much used image – but it can easily be true

Well there goes Monday again!

Did you wake up, spring out of bed and jump enthusiastically into your day?

I hope so, I know I did – but in my own time. No alarm clock and no rush to get showered, dressed and out the door with a slice of toast clamped between my teeth and a vacuum mug of coffee in my hand. Like I used to. Now that I’m running a home internet business there’s none of this either:

No tedious commute to the workplace either. Like I used to.

You see when I wake up – no matter where that happens to be, I’m at work.

I like to take my time and ease into the day naturally.

When I do get started I like to start my Monday’s if I’ve decided to work that day, with the SFM 10am Coffee call. This in an informal online live web cast where SFM members and business owners catch up to start the week.

The host, Martyn gives us an update on what’s happening over the week in terms of training, live events and news. Then it’s just an open forum where members old and new from all over the world, catch up and share experiences, tips and ask questions. Running a home internet business can be quite isolated so being part of a community like this is invaluable.

After the coffee call I check on my various ad campaigns, answer some emails and generally put the house in order for the coming week.

The Flexibility Of Running An Online Home Business 

home internet business

80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the causes

It’s all pretty flexible. I usually move on to write a blog post and a broadcast to my subscribers and team members. That done I have a look at my to do list. When running a home internet business you do need to create a schedule.

I may have planned to shoot some video, do some research for an ad campaign or start putting one together. Maybe I’ll work on one of my websites or build some landing pages.

I have regular scheduled mastermind, networking and training webinars throughout the week. Since these are with people from all over the world they are often in the evenings. If that’s the case then I usually have some free time scheduled during the day to do what I want.

This is all possible because in running a home internet business, much of that business is automated.

You don’t need to be tied to a desk all day – you don’t even need to be awake to be making money.

When you are working all you need is a laptop and an internet connection – so if you fancy a change of scene or some company – off you go!

This isn’t fantasy. It’s no pie in the sky daydream. I’m not running some kind of “get rich” scheme or implausible programme that might just disappear one day. I run a home internet business and the key word here is business (not hobby)

I’m promoting valuable, real goods and services online.

The Big Plus Points Of A Home Internet Business 

It’s a real business but it’s an online business so it’s done in a different way than a traditional business. It just so happens that what that means is:

7 Joys Of The Online Home Business

home internet businessYou can run it from anywhere.


Doesn’t take 8 hours a day or 40+ hours a week

Can be largely automated

Can be scaled up to any level

Doesn’t rely on the success or failure of any one business or industry

Doesn’t require chasing sales by phone or in person.

It doesn’t require you to fit into a mould, dress a certain way or answer to a boss – the boss is you and you do things YOUR way.

Running a home internet business isn’t difficult. There is a learning curve, you do need to work hard to get it up and running and you do need to treat it seriously. You will need to invest some time and money. You will need to learn some new skills, implement some new systems and you do need support and help from others: Mentors, other entrepreneurs and trainers.

You’ll find all of that – everything you need in fact – with SFM. If you like the sound of working and living in a much freer way, of being in control of your own income and future, then check them out.

By clicking on the link below you can sign up for a complimentary series of videos that will explain how thousands of people are living like this by running a home internet business and how you can too.

By Dave Menzies