SFM Momentum Event 11

six figure mentors momentum day

SFM Momentum Event – First Of The Year

SFM Momentum eventI just got back from an SFM Momentum event in London. This was their 11th momentum day event and the 3rd I’ve attended. Was it worth the journey by car, ferry, plane and several shuttle buses? No brainer – Yes. I know too that those who travelled way further than me – from Sweden, Saudi, USA and South Afrika agree. They’ve been shouting it from the rooftops on social media ever since.

Back in September I thought THAT SFM momentum event would be hard to beat but they did it. Even though, due to personal matters, co-founder Stuart Ross couldn’t be there, the event was wonderful. Helping Jay Kubassek – the other half of the SFM and DEA partnership – in Stu’s absence were some key members of the support crew and some very special guests.

The Biggest SFM Momentum Event Yet…

SFM Momentum eventRecently the fantastic “JJ” Jackson from Texas has joined the ranks and played a big (in every sense) role in the proceedings. JJ is a one time mentor of Jay’s. He has seen his protégé go from strength to strength, million to million over the last 10 years or so. He gave a riveting presentation in which he told us his story. JJ also shared some golden nuggets about entrepreneurship, leadership and success principles.

JJ was later joined for a head to head conversation with Justin Woolf – another long time associate, student and friend of Jays. These guys are legends in the internet marketing profession.

Leaving the mindset, practical, inspirational, personal development and business related brainstorming to one side. That stuff is genuinely mind blowing. An SFM Momentum event also acts as a sort of glue in this unique community…

If the word “community” as related to a group of people building internet businesses – or any business – makes you cringe slightly as it used to me, I’ll explain. There are really sound social and business reasons for establishing a community – even a family – based affiliate business.

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge and experience on a peer to peer basis is invaluable in a profession where you spend most of your time working on it alone. This type of high end direct selling is very much based on attraction marketing. That means that although everyone is essentially promoting the same products, no one is really in competition with anyone else.

That largely gets rid of the petty rivalries and clique culture common to many MLM or network marketing style businesses and positively de-rigueur in the corporate world. I like that.

Collaboration and bartering: When you’re in a room full of people, many of whom are already successful entrepreneurs who are not in competition with each other, magic happens. Alliances are made, collaborations begin, partnerships are formed. All of this, in the online world can continue long after events. This is particularly powerful when geography is no barrier.

The Picture Just Gets Bigger 

six figure mentors momentum dayThe big picture in SFM and DEA is about creating “The new autonomous individual”. So although part of that is achieved by promoting SFM and DEA’s education and business products, most members have their fingers in many pies. It really is a launch pad.

This was my third SFM  Momentum event. I certainly feel part of a growing family when I’m there. I look forward to catching up with people I already know as much as meeting those I don’t. I’ve been to much bigger events where the business founders and leaders have been surrounded by security – not at the lunch table or the bar after the event. Where they do their schpiel (which usually includes an up-sell) and disappear. I know which I prefer.

Is this a community that’s right for you? Well, if you are aware that the world is changing fast. If you don’t want to be left behind as technology, automation and artificial intelligence comes for your job then yes. Should you want to learn how to build more time, financial and location freedom into your life – definitely.

But make up your own mind. Click on the image below or any of the images in this post and get a free, no obligation series of videos delivered to your mailbox. Nothing to lose – a whole new, worldwide community dedicated to each other’s success to gain.

six figure mentors momentum day

By Dave Menzies